Friday, September 12, 2008

Jonathan given the boot

Oh no, Jonathon Burkin was voted off America's Got Talent - I'm so upset. I loved him. He's what the show is about.
Although the singers on the show are good, moving even, I feel like we have American Idol for that so I'd rather not see (ok hear) the singing.

The little 4 year old Katlin, although is adorable, really shouldn't have made it as far as she did. I think the judges screwed up by bringing her to the next round. She sings cute- but like a 4 year old would sing. The troubling thing is that I find it disturbing seeing that little girl on the stage by herself as her fate is decided if she is to go forward or not. And a group of kids: Wright Kids made it, oh please, Jonathon Burkin was way better and who are they kidding, I just don't believe a group of children would be a big Vegas pull. I think they need to put age restrictions for who can audition!

As I said, it also disturbs me to see the children on stage - alone - without their parents. I think that they're too young!

I might not continue to watch the show as I'm not impressed with the final 10 contestants.

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