Saturday, November 8, 2008

Delicious Biscotti

Peggy's Almond Biscotti - try two free. I found Peggy's Biscotti online - I was on a quest for mini biscotti as I have trouble finding them in the stores and I don't care for the 'dipped' ones. Peggy's offers a try to free option - just pay shipping - worth it! Although you'll scarf them down and be quickly back online ordering more.

Peggy's offers a discounted one pound ends and pieces bag of which I tried so I could sample some of them. My bag included chocolate almond, apricot, and almond biscotti. my husband and I loved them - we're just about done and I 'm ready to go back and order more!
Several gift package options are available so I might just order a bag for my family and friends . . . especially the ones that live near me!

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