Saturday, November 17, 2007

Foster cats, writing, skating and skiing

The little foster kittens are keeping me busy. Additionally, I need to make sure the reigning Queen Cat doesn't feel slighted. As for writing, skating and skiing well, I haven't had much time for any of them! But life is good spending time for 'others'. Ok, in this case the 'others' are cats, but I believe the human race has a responsibility to care for the pets we create and some abandonned.
The problem with having a book published is that one spends so much time thinking of themselves and trying to promote themselves, it can be rather empty!

As for skiing, well, I can't really get any skiing in yet anyhow - no snow!

I might go to the Great EsSkate in 2008. I've been thinking of it for years, but I enjoy my winter sports so I'm not so motivated to head south in the winter time. But the Great EsSkate (weekend skate in Miami) is run by a great group of people for a charitable cause. If you inline skate and want a great party weekend, check it out.


Tia Nevitt said...

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that your cat died! My cat, Breenie, is over 18 years old, and is very much a little old lady cat. She is blind.

I put up my final review of your book. I'm going to pass it on to another reviewer as well. I'm sending him another book anyway, and he said that he would be interested in reading yours as well. Thank you for sending me your book.

Lisa said...

Hi Tia,
Thanks for your kind words concerning Precious. He's very much missed. He was always around, wanting on my lap.

How very kind of you to pass on my book to someone else! Thank you.
I really appreciate your thoughtful review comments.