Monday, October 6, 2008

Forging a Legend

I just finished Forging a Legend by Tia Nevitt of the Fantasy Debut fame.
WOW! I lapped down 462 pages in under 3 days and ended up skimping on the house cleaning because I just couldn't stop reading. The concept is such a clever idea and Abriel is charming and lovable character - you feel her pain and joy. Some wise agent/publisher will surely soon see what a gem Tia is and snatch up her work. It can't be too soon for me as I wait for the sequel. Forging a Legend is a 3 book set although one can read the first book and be quite happy with its ending, that is, I didn't feel like I was left hanging.


Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks again, Lisa! It's so nice to have a fan!!!

Lisa said...

You'll have many more once some wise agent/publisher snaps up your novels!

I finished the first 3 chapters of the book two - MORE PLEASE. Heck forget even minor polish, I'll take the raw output from a first draft!