Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've found my calling - woo hoo

Like true writers who love it so much, they write regardless, well I've found my calling.
Writing iPhone apps, oh I am having SUCH fun learning!
To the right is my 'Hello World' sort of app (Hello World is a sort of computer term meaning when I piece of hardware/code first comes online."
The app to the write is actually the second one I wrote, the first was me following along with the first class demo of how to write an app that had a slider in it.
This exercise here, (the first class assignments was way more fun.)

The snapshot here was taken as it was running on the iPhone Simulator. I haven't learned yet how to install them on my phone and I decided not to go ahead and figure that out because before I would load this on my phone, I would need to change the app icon to be something more cool than an ugly white generic one!

Oh happy days . . .
I also bought a new MacBook Pro to learn my iPhone App progamming. It has a built in camera and a mouse pad that has some of the same touch features as the iPhone. I'm in tech heaven.
Now I just need to be employed to pay for all of it!

Have you found your passion - that thing you love to do, and will do regardless whether or not you can earn money from it?


fairyhedgehog said...

Hi Lisa, I was wondering how you were when I didn't see you around lately. I missed you.

Writing iPhone apps sounds like fun and your Hello World has a very pretty picture. I can really relate to the rush of learning something new.

I've not done any programming myself, just played with BASIC in the olden days. I don't think HTML and CSS count, not at the level I'm at, anyway!

Lisa said...

hi fairyhedgehog - I was thinking of you when I was in England last month. Where else can my husband have a beer and I can have tea in scones in a pub?

I'm not around so much on blogs since I'm looking for a job. Job searching rather cuts into the spare time.
I do browse around (mainly from my iPhone) but don't often leave a comment.

I've done some html and CSS also - I wrote my website from html -versus using a tool to build it.

fairyhedgehog said...

You should have popped in, I'd have given you tea!

I like your website. It's nice to see more about you and about your book. Are there excerpts from your book up anywhere?

Tia Nevitt said...

OMG, that sounds so much fun! I can't wait to get my Ipod Touch so I can write apps for it, too!

(I'm serious. I'm a programmer too, ya know.)

But you could earn money from IPhone apps. Write something for writers. I'd buy it.

As for the thing that I love to do yet never made a dime doing . . . I think you know the answer to that question.

(But it's not exactly true. I've made 4 figures writing nonfiction. Not much, but enough to interest the IRS.)

Lisa said...

There aren't any excerpts from my book - I suppose I could put up some pages.

Hi Tia, - you program in C - right?
Be amazed if you could manage to learn iPhone apps, day job AND write that all along with family.

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