Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update! Farming Fun!

My farm haa grown -here is the latest.

What fun! Have you played FarmVille before - It's a nice 'no stress' sort of game.
Easy way to unwind.
Here is what my farm looks like now: Click on it for a larger view.

What do you do to unwind?

Here is a photo before I harvest a few items:


fairyhedgehog said...

Nice! I've had a go at it but I usually end up Stumbling around the web looking for different games. That, or I play games from lazylaces.

Lisa said...

Is lazylaces a game manufacturer.
I'm not usually a big game player - but I'm rather fond of FarmVille.
I've been seriously neglecting blogging - between job hunting, studying and now Farming .. .
I'll have to make a few rounds.

fairyhedgehog said...

Lazylaces is a blog that has links to a lot of free online point and click and escape the room games. There's an nice bunch of people hang out there too.

Tia said...

Oh no! Please no addictive games! Especially if they are -- aurgh! -- relaxing!!! I'll never stop playing!!!

Lisa said...

Tia - please play - I need neighbors, someone to send me free gifts!
if nothing, else,create an account and send me free gifts everyday - you can send a free gift once a day.

I'm trying NOT check out this lazylace blog with links ... !

In any case, I have an interview at a really cool company on Thursday and I'm reviewing information to be better prepared.

Bevie said...

Is this a Facebook only game?

Lisa said...

Hi bevie. I'm not sure if it is facebook only. I wouldn't be surprised to be a neighbor with someone who is playing from facebook that would be needed.

Bevie said...

Figures. I'm not Facebook.

Lisa said...

Based on Farmville Home Page by Zynga , I confirmed you do need facebook.
You could become a member of facebook? :) I need neighbors! Especially to send gifts.
ALthough, it IS rather addictive - so it is probably just as well you don't have access . . . .