Friday, March 28, 2008

Life is wonderful!

It's been a great day!
Met friends for coffee in the morning (Panera now has an egg sandwhich), then on to a bit of shopping at BJ's, afterwhich I went to another friend's house to keep her company for a few hours. She's pregnant and has been ordered to 'take it easy' for a week.
I stayed at her house until I had to go home to meet the cable company.

I've had time to get in another page for Into This Mind: Talia and I have 3 sleeping kittens currently on my lap! It makes writing all the more enjoyable knowing I make a nice piece of furniture for my kittens to rest on.

I was really looking forward to coming home today and working on my novel a bit more. I've slowly been getting more motivated to write again.


Kimber An said...

Kittens are so snuggly, but I do prefer newborn human babies! I feel for your friend. I was on bedrest with every single one of pregnancies. It's difficult for anyone who's never been in that situation to realize just what hard work it is just to lay there and gestate. It really is, especially if the mother is in pain and most mothers are at that point. Take extra special good care of her!

Lisa said...

At times she feels just fine making it harder to stay point. She can't pick up her daughter either.
It was so cute - when I was there Friday her daughter would pat her mother's lap and look at me. The little darling got used to her father doing that.

Bedrest, as I understand, is even more extreme. She is just to 'take it easy', but she's allowed to move around the house.

How many times were you pregnant, and for how long were you on bedrest?