Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Too many stories in my head

In addition to the next in the Into This Mind series, I have yet another idea for a book, that brings the total to 8 other ideas for books. In order to ward off the panic and the frustration of realizing how long it will take, I don't follow the recommended writing a bit each day. Do others feel frustrated and overwhelmed and just full stop to get their bearings?


Tia Nevitt said...

I have four "firm" novel ideas in my head; these are novels where I have a complete plot in mind. Other than that, I want to write a novel based in ancient Rome, which uses the writings of a historic character as a basis for the plot. (Actually, I want to write a whole mystery series set in ancient Rome.) And I have a historic fantasy medieval knight thing in mind, but no plot. Just characters.

Misque Writer said...

Yes, all the time. What's really frustrating is when I have a nearly complete novel which needs a few touches and edits, but am swept away by a new idea. Or many new ideas. It's ironic that it can be just as frustrating to have MANY ideas as none at all.

Lisa said...

To misque writer - I haven't had the 'no idea' problem yet so I can't compare but I feel like my mind is going to explode. I battle this problem by not writing. Odd,I know, the 'fight fire with fire' approach. If I try to be diligent about writing, then I get this urgent need to write and then get really pissed off that life gets in my way.
Tia - you're amazing, you manage your blog, reviews, writing and family!