Monday, December 8, 2008

Some wacky holiday decorations

Fun with Holiday Decorations!

Out door decorations. A bit scaled down this year since 3 of my pieces were broken thanks to my cats crawling around in them.

Mr and Mrs Singing snowman. Mrs sings "Santa Baby" and Mr sings "I'm Mr White Christmas"

Front Room decorations. The Duck and snowman move but they don't sing.

Rockwell Village - I had to put it in the Sunroom, away from Catzillas as they'd run off with the people and trees - not to mention sleep in the middle of the village.

My Family Room holiday lights. My friend of 30 years painted the houses over the fireplace.

Meowing Christmas wreath!

If you look to the far left, you'll see "sisters on a fence" - my sister made it. The Green and Purple Frogs sing hip hop music and bounce up and down.

Scarlett- she isn't a holiday decoration but isn't she cute!

Anyone have tips on how to line text up with specific photos?


spyscribbler said...

Wow! You put my house to shame! That's so pretty! We have a village, too, and our cats LOVE sleeping on the snow, too!

I was really proud of our outside, but yours rocks!

I'll post pictures in a few days. I love our tree!

Lisa said...


I'd so love to have my entire house trimmed with lights - there's a house just down the street from me that's incredible!

I look forward to the photos - I have you in my blog roll so I won't miss the post.

Susan said...
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Tia Nevitt said...

You have a beautiful house. Up north houses are so much prettier than down-south ones!

Great village, too!

Anissa said...


Hey, I recognize that snowman and puppy. They're the ones responsible for the holiday song bark-a-long at my house. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Anissa, thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet more people who enjoy the animated singing ornaments.
I'll have to add you to my list of people to visit using my new fun gadget on my website thanks to Tia Anyone who buys animated ornaments has a blog I must visit regularly.

I think the Snowman and puppy one is that one that Spyscribbler mentioned on her blog.

Lisa said...

Thanks Tia. What do houses look like in Florida. In S. Africa they're mostly made of stone/brick and quite nice.

I've had forever plans of buying a 'street' for my village . . . still hasn't happened.