Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cousins - keeping it straight!

From Wiki - thanks to Matt Leidholm see the wiki link
Ever wonder whether you're a first cousin, second or once or twice removed.
check out this handy diagram.

Are you from a big family?
I am! Just my 'immediate family' (brothers/sisters and their children) alone is over 30, maybe even over 40 now, I'll have to count.


Tia Nevitt said...

I have a big family as well, and I've been teaching everyone how to do this for years. They still come to me to keep it straight! I tell them to count generations. If you're in the same generation, you're either first, second or third generation. Otherwise, count the generations from your first, second or third cousin.

I have well over a dozen first cousins. My mother came from a family of six, and three of those had five or more children. All had at least two.

Lisa said...

We used to have our sister Jenny who helped us to keep it straight but she died in 2003, so we're on our own.

My mother came from a family of 8 and my dad was twelve or so, not sure about that.

It makes for fun family gatherings! Does most of your family live nearby?

spyscribbler said...

I come from a huge family, but my mother never really brought me up with them. After my dad died, she was kinda focused on my stepfather's family, and now I don't know most all of them. However, my mom has eight brothers and sisters, so... I have a load of cousins, LOL.