Saturday, December 27, 2008

When being a beta reader hurts!

Another fun novel is in my hands! Having read 2 of Tia's and left longing to have not only the hard copy in my hands, but desperately wanting the next in the series, I find myself already wimpering to myself as I read Kristin's because I suspect she'll likely hold off on writing the next in the series until she has a book deal, which means that Lisa will be left waiting. To that I say "Bugger!"

She's considering self publishing and I'm ready to tell her to go for it so that I don't have to wait - ha - aren't I bad!

Her novel (am I allowed to mention titles?) is a witty and fun Young Adult. (I haven't read many YA novels, although I enjoy watching YA oriented movies, so I figured I'd enjoy it and I am.)

I've also reads bits of novels from writers on crit groups, Carole McDonnell has a great story line (ask her for further details). I've only read bits of that novel, but what I've read I love and want to read it all!

In any case, I find myself getting quite annoyed that all these great novels haven't been published yet. I realize that competition is fierce but it really irks me when I read inferior stories that are published and I wonder why not these.

Back to reading! I'm reading it on my iPhone - isn't that cool! (Although I couldn't read it on my flight because I was using google, which, of course, couldn't connect from above.)

If Agents/Publishers were swayed by Beta readers AND the Beta authors approved, I'd go on a letter writing campaign!


CaroleMcDonnell said...

Woman, why aren't you writing!!!!!!?????

Flower wars, anyone? I liked it very much.

Have a wonderful New Year. -C

Lisa said...

Oh, I've been working very HARD NOT to write! Quite a number of reasons, and not writing has provided me with a great deal of calm.

I've been enjoying what others have written and cheering them on. Maybe that's my calling :) Helping homeless kitties and cheering on hopeful authors. I won't have the fame and fortune but I'll have the warm fuzzy of watching wonderful people, like yourself, succeed. (And, even if you become too famous to associate with the likes of me, I can still say I knew you :-)!

When will I see the 'tower' novel in print. I want a copy! I want to read it cover to cover!

Tia Nevitt said...

Thanks again, Lisa! I think Kristin has a great novel as well, and I'm glad I helped get you two together!

Kristin B said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Lisa! Thanks for all your kind words and hard work. And thanks to you, Tia, for being the link in the chain! I have such awesome beta readers, it really warms my little writers' heart. You guys are truly the best!