Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fun with my iPhone

Never been one to play games but since my iPhone and iTune Apps I've changed.
In particular I really enjoy an game called Trace and another called Kitten Jump.
Trace is a game where you draw your own path through a series of different courses.

Kitten jump is a kitten that jumps from cloud to cloud moving up to I don't know what since I haven't gotten that high yet!

iPhone's are so cool - I have a GPS, calorie counter, language translater, weights/measure/distance converter, and the list goes on and on what can be found. (Many are free.) I've synced my iPhone with my Google Calendar, my iPhotos and my iTunes.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

iPhone - woo hoo

Just bought an iPhone - LOVE it - so cool. I've synced with my gmail, iTunes, Google calendar and bookmarks - wooo HOOOOOO

It's party time.

Here's a link for an 'how to' sync Google Calendar with an iPhone

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Delicious Biscotti

Peggy's Almond Biscotti - try two free. I found Peggy's Biscotti online - I was on a quest for mini biscotti as I have trouble finding them in the stores and I don't care for the 'dipped' ones. Peggy's offers a try to free option - just pay shipping - worth it! Although you'll scarf them down and be quickly back online ordering more.

Peggy's offers a discounted one pound ends and pieces bag of which I tried so I could sample some of them. My bag included chocolate almond, apricot, and almond biscotti. my husband and I loved them - we're just about done and I 'm ready to go back and order more!
Several gift package options are available so I might just order a bag for my family and friends . . . especially the ones that live near me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A cat on the lap - or not

I have five cats, yet here I sit, without a kitty on my lap.

I scoop their poo, feed them brush them, clean up hair balls and vacuum cat hair, yet her I sit without a kitty on my lap!

I need a lap cat. I wonder if my husband would agree to cat 6 . . . somehow I doubt it.

Not likely the 5 cats that I have would be interested in another cat around!

On a happy note, I went to a fund raiser today and put my name in for several different raffles. I won a pair of earings from Silpada and a $100 gift certificate from Lia Sophia - woo hoo.