Thursday, January 28, 2010

Teddie - the Best peanut butter - you have to try it

Their peanut butter is delicious and all the natural.
I'll eat a spoonful as a snack, spread it on my banana bread, and another scrumptious treat, I spread a small amount on a wheat thins. It taste like a Nutter Butter Cookie only better - no kidding.
Please share your delicious treat ideas!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lounging by the Pool

In my virtual world - that is.
Here I am hanging out by the pool in my YoVille world.

Below is my Virtual world front room - that is Amelia in the photo on the wall. It is really cool that we can upload our own photos into these portrait frames.
Below is my virtual world spare bedroom in my apartment (I have an apartment, a trailer and a mansion)

Below is my virtual world front room in my trailer. Skating friends in the portrait.
Rather tiny but visiters can click on it to get a better look.

Below is my gaming room in my mansion -the little red stereo actually plays real YoMusic - ha, isn't that amusing.

Yoville is one of my favorite games. You actually interact with other players, meeting people from all around the world! I met someone yesterday from Palestine - it was most disturbing listening (ok reading) first hand what it is like for him.

How do you unwind?