Saturday, May 24, 2008

Preditors & Editors NEEDS You!!

Preditor & Editors needs our help! Please donate to their legal fund as they are being sued!

This site is most invaluable for writers to get the inside scoop on publisher or agent.
It adds up so don't be afraid to donate just $5 or $10 -whatever you can manage.

I feel like if we don't help to bail out those who run Preditors & Editors it's like turning our back on them!

Please! Spread the word! Post a link to their site on your site!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Crit Group!

I'm so excited, I've joined an online Crit Group. I was, at first, nervous about how to process information from so many sources, but what I found was that the payback in having so many suggestions from other writers was that each person often picked out something different, or asked a question that helped me realized that I wasn't making the point that I thought I was.
It's also reading the future bestsellers!

Being involved with the Crit Group has helped me to stay connected to my own writing.
I always thought it would be a time draw and I'd find that I wouldn't have time to write. yes, it does take time, but it serves to be a motivator. I've been charged and ready to write all week!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

After first Chapter

I've completed the first chapter of the Flower Wars, the general idea needs modifications. Some of my input was based on input from my sister who read the first chapter, given she doesn't like the idea to begin with it was no surprise she really hated it.
But I've been feeling a bit out sorts with some of the concepts.
Furthermore, everyone who has read the first few paragraphs think that the focus is on finding the lost baby, and it isn't - so much, but that because the baby is missing, because the tremors, and because someone else days, the wars start over.

That's another point, one baby goes missing, another chid dies, all in the first chapter. that was one of the reasons I didn't think that this was suitable for YA.

It's a lovely day outside, this actually irritates me since I feel like I should be outside but instead I'm inside - typing . . . sigh . . .

Friday, May 9, 2008

Opening paragraph - Flower Wars - what do you think?

Here's the opening paragraph to Flower Wars. OK so I did say that the fire was out . . . seems like I can't extinquish that stupid fire. eeerrrrr I DO keep trying though.

Some said that it was her screams that caused the walls to vibrate, some thought it was her mounting rage because she didn't believe enough was being done, and yet others felt it was her despair as each moment ticked away and still no sign of her son. Regardless of what caused the vibrations, everyone in the Inner Realm Mega Market felt the energy building up. For those familiar with the sort of fury that kind of energy can expel made quick exits from the Market, or if an exit wasn't available, they took shelter under sturdy objects hoping that it would pass before the Market tumbled all around them. The unfortunate ones, looked on perplexed at the frantic display over nothing more than the Bage Pounder that was being used to clear out more land adjacent to the market.

What do you think? All opinions/thoughts/suggestions welcomed!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Flower Wars - fire's out?

Not so sure about my idea. At first I was super pysched as it's quite unique, however, I'm not so sure how much the market really goes for such ideas.
A bigger concern is that the idea might cross too many boundaries between young adult and adult fantasy.
Time to rethink

Friday, May 2, 2008

Shelving Into This Mind - next in the series

I have many different book ideas, one of them has been gnawing at me to write it more so than others. I found myself wanting to hurry and finish Into This Mind: Talia, so I could commence writing the Flower Wars (although it has nothing to do with the someone having the last name flower and fighting (ie, War of the Roses) and nothing sweet and pedal like about it. It's more dark and sullen. I might change the name)
I finally decided it was time to shelf Into This Mind: Talia and start something new.

Maybe by doing that I'll be able to kick start my motivation. It's been low to nearly non existent at late, even worse, I've been trying desperately to convince myself to give up writing which has been like trying to put out a fire that's started on a field with batches of dry kindling. I stomp out one, and two more start up.

On a separate note, I hired someone to come out to my house for spring yard clean up, edge, weed, mulch, and pull out 2 dead plants and replace them.

Back to Flower Wars, right now I'm writing more about the plot and characters.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Magic Lost, Trouble Found- my thoughts

I just finished reading Lisa Shearin's Magic Lost, Trouble Found. I enjoyed the story line as it had quite a bit of action in it. She creates a different world with common fantasy characters (goblins and sorcerers) but in MLTF, the goblins can be sexy and have costumed balls!

It would be awesome movie, and I for one, would be waiting in line at the cinema to see it.

As I'm often guilty of reading over text as I get bored and impatient rather easily--rare is it the case I don't. I found some parts a bit too chatty for my taste and I wasn't super fond of the voice used. It's first person the characteris often making wise cracks. I've little doubt that I would be a minority on this and I can well see that many others would find it quite charming.

Her sequel Armed and Magical was just released on the April 29! The Barnes and Noble that hosted her book launch party is offering signed copies with NO shipping but you need to follow the instructions Lisa on her blog. She'll even personalize them.

Lisa also asked that you purchase the book from Barnes and Noble. If enough readers purchase from B&N, she can get on the bestseller list!

She also seems like a geniune sweetheart of a lady. She not only autographed the copy of MLTF that I won, but she personalized it just for me. (The fact that she has 2 cats probably helps too . . . !)

I think Lisa is going places so you'd be wise to get your autographed copy and visit Lisa's blog before she's too big and famous and doesn't have time for us.

Seriously! I might have been impatient reading it, but that doesn't alter it's a great story and will be a fantastic movie.

Read what Fantasy Debut has to say!