Sunday, May 11, 2008

After first Chapter

I've completed the first chapter of the Flower Wars, the general idea needs modifications. Some of my input was based on input from my sister who read the first chapter, given she doesn't like the idea to begin with it was no surprise she really hated it.
But I've been feeling a bit out sorts with some of the concepts.
Furthermore, everyone who has read the first few paragraphs think that the focus is on finding the lost baby, and it isn't - so much, but that because the baby is missing, because the tremors, and because someone else days, the wars start over.

That's another point, one baby goes missing, another chid dies, all in the first chapter. that was one of the reasons I didn't think that this was suitable for YA.

It's a lovely day outside, this actually irritates me since I feel like I should be outside but instead I'm inside - typing . . . sigh . . .


Carole McDonnell said...

Big concepts, big plot. I know you can do it. -C

Lisa said...


Anonymous said...

It's a shame to waste beautiful weather. Is there any way you can go write outside? I love sitting around trees with my notebook and ponderously penning out a scene. I guess it's not the most productive way to write, but it does get my creative juices flowing!

Lisa said...

Hi Ellira, Thanks for visiting!
I could write outside, however, then their is the issue of my 5 cats and 5 foster kittens I want/need to spend time with :-)
The upside, writing is a good activity to spend with my cats, although I get some weird neck cramps!