Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's party time.

Party time in Ohio for my sister's 50th Birthday. Here is my husband and myself showing off our dance moves - ok, the only moves we could remember out of all those dance lessons that we had!

My brother-in-law surprised my sister with a band that played 'island music' which was the theme of her party.

That is, Vicki didn't really want to advertise it was her birthday, but we had to make sure her day was properly noticed! Without her knowing, we told everyone it was her birthday and, rather requested guest bring food for a food pantry. I was pleased at the number of people who complied!

I live in a different state from my family, so I really enjoy my visits.
Do you live near your family? Do you find yourself terribly homesick?
Happy 50th to my sister!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun on Skates in Boston


SkateBoston 2009 - I only attended the Sunday skate and I've been kicking myself for not getting my butt out earlier - sigh - maybe I'll remember next year and be more motivated.

It was a gorgeous day as a skate leader - Jun - led us through the streets of Boston/Cambridge. After the skate we had lunch in the park.

The stranger below took the shot above and shots from at least 7 other cameras - How cool is that!! Wish I asked his name, but at least I took a photo of this kind man! THANK YOU - to him.

SkateBoston is a weekend skating event hosted by the Inline Club of Boston. Skaters from all over the country attend. Gracious sponsor offer items for the goody bags, or for raffle! Rollerblade has ALWAYS been a strong supporter of skating events! They make the best inline skates! Other supports: Zephyr Adventures (fun vacations on skates, bikes, or in the water), Road ID (way cool - id's to attach to laces - I have an ID on my skates, Centre Ski and Bike (they sell skates too!), The Great EsSkate - charity skate weekend in Miami!, Boston Derby Dames, and finally The Skate Farm.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The best thing that can happen to a writer! WOO HOOO

Super Exciting news for fellow blogger and the author of Grim Light! Kristophrenia has signed with an agent, the reputable Stringer Literary Agency.
This is most exciting and much deserved news for Kris!
I commented on my beta read of Grim Light back in March - I loved it!
Grim Light is original, fun and grabs the senses.
A HUGE WOO HOOO -clap clap clap - to Kris.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Writing - a new love - with straight forward rules.

I've been reading a good book about writing - one where the rules don't change for special conditions and follow a logical pattern.
Ahhh . . . the world of reason - I've been teaching myself Java.

How lovely it is to feed my brain. I feel like I'm waking up!

What do you find dazzles you and makes you want to charge ahead for me?