Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've found my calling - woo hoo

Like true writers who love it so much, they write regardless, well I've found my calling.
Writing iPhone apps, oh I am having SUCH fun learning!
To the right is my 'Hello World' sort of app (Hello World is a sort of computer term meaning when I piece of hardware/code first comes online."
The app to the write is actually the second one I wrote, the first was me following along with the first class demo of how to write an app that had a slider in it.
This exercise here, (the first class assignments was way more fun.)

The snapshot here was taken as it was running on the iPhone Simulator. I haven't learned yet how to install them on my phone and I decided not to go ahead and figure that out because before I would load this on my phone, I would need to change the app icon to be something more cool than an ugly white generic one!

Oh happy days . . .
I also bought a new MacBook Pro to learn my iPhone App progamming. It has a built in camera and a mouse pad that has some of the same touch features as the iPhone. I'm in tech heaven.
Now I just need to be employed to pay for all of it!

Have you found your passion - that thing you love to do, and will do regardless whether or not you can earn money from it?