Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hiked the Grand Canyon

My husband and I journeyed out west for my great nephews wedding. After the wedding we headed to the Grand Canyon so we could hike to Bright Angel Campground.

Here is a photo we took from the South Rim that looks down at some of the Bright Angel Trail.
The trail above the cliff is where the 1.5 mile rest house is -you can see the rest house if you blow up the photo enough.
Through a series of 'switch-backs' we made our way down that cliff to the trail more in the center.

I, being afraid heights, tried to tell myself that it was more scary than it looks.

That didn't work out so well for me!
People also said that I would get used to it -I didn't. But then, maybe if I had looked up more often, maybe I would have, but I was scared I would have trouble moving if I looked.

Here we are on the way day, I have the hat positioned over my head to try to obstruct my peripheral view as much as possible.

I was overwhelmed with not only how far down, but the vastness. Which is why walked all the scary parts in what my husband called 'turtling' seen to the left. I kept my hat over my head pulled forward to block my vision, head down.
When we reached a switch back, my husband would direct me where to go.
It was a long slow walk for him down since I was so scared.
Took us 7 hours 15 minutes down because I moved so slowly. It only took a 1/2 longer to walk up.

In spite of the fear - I loved hiking the canyon. I do so wish I could have went on more hikes and enjoyed the surrounding area.

How does one conquer fear of heights!