Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cousins - keeping it straight!

From Wiki - thanks to Matt Leidholm see the wiki link
Ever wonder whether you're a first cousin, second or once or twice removed.
check out this handy diagram.

Are you from a big family?
I am! Just my 'immediate family' (brothers/sisters and their children) alone is over 30, maybe even over 40 now, I'll have to count.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

When being a beta reader hurts!

Another fun novel is in my hands! Having read 2 of Tia's and left longing to have not only the hard copy in my hands, but desperately wanting the next in the series, I find myself already wimpering to myself as I read Kristin's because I suspect she'll likely hold off on writing the next in the series until she has a book deal, which means that Lisa will be left waiting. To that I say "Bugger!"

She's considering self publishing and I'm ready to tell her to go for it so that I don't have to wait - ha - aren't I bad!

Her novel (am I allowed to mention titles?) is a witty and fun Young Adult. (I haven't read many YA novels, although I enjoy watching YA oriented movies, so I figured I'd enjoy it and I am.)

I've also reads bits of novels from writers on crit groups, Carole McDonnell has a great story line (ask her for further details). I've only read bits of that novel, but what I've read I love and want to read it all!

In any case, I find myself getting quite annoyed that all these great novels haven't been published yet. I realize that competition is fierce but it really irks me when I read inferior stories that are published and I wonder why not these.

Back to reading! I'm reading it on my iPhone - isn't that cool! (Although I couldn't read it on my flight because I was using google, which, of course, couldn't connect from above.)

If Agents/Publishers were swayed by Beta readers AND the Beta authors approved, I'd go on a letter writing campaign!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, then ski in it!

Oh so lovely!
We had an excellent snow fall the past 2 days and I had a chance to go XC skiing today - soooo lovely. Just love snow. I took the photos with my iphone so not all of them came out due to either my glove in the way, or jittery hands.

Do you enjoy skiing? If so, where do you ski?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Upset about a lost kitty

While exiting off the freeway this evening there was a kitty that was on the exit ramp who then ran into the trees between the circular exit ramp and freeway - blocked in by roads all around. (No, I slowed in time and didn't hit the kitty)

I went in and called for 1/2 but the kitty never showed his/her face.

I don't know what to do. I can't imagine he has a home as he was in an unusual spot.
I really adore cats and I find this most upsetting.

If I trap him and he's feral, where will he live - he can't live there.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big ugly cold sore!

I'm bummed, I have a holiday party to go to Friday night and My husband and I are hosting a big holiday party this Saturday and I have a big ugly cold sore.
It started Tuesday morning. I put ice on it and went right to the pharmacy for some Abreva after work and have been regularly apply it.

In the grand scheme of things, I realize a cold sore isn't that big of a deal, but since it's the biggest issue for me 'right now' - I'm bummed that any photos of me will have a swollen lip with a big ugly cold sore on it.

I hear other people get cold sores but it seems like I don't see them around and do wish I could hide my ugly cold sore at home.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Some wacky holiday decorations

Fun with Holiday Decorations!

Out door decorations. A bit scaled down this year since 3 of my pieces were broken thanks to my cats crawling around in them.

Mr and Mrs Singing snowman. Mrs sings "Santa Baby" and Mr sings "I'm Mr White Christmas"

Front Room decorations. The Duck and snowman move but they don't sing.

Rockwell Village - I had to put it in the Sunroom, away from Catzillas as they'd run off with the people and trees - not to mention sleep in the middle of the village.

My Family Room holiday lights. My friend of 30 years painted the houses over the fireplace.

Meowing Christmas wreath!

If you look to the far left, you'll see "sisters on a fence" - my sister made it. The Green and Purple Frogs sing hip hop music and bounce up and down.

Scarlett- she isn't a holiday decoration but isn't she cute!

Anyone have tips on how to line text up with specific photos?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dress up with my iPhone

Oh it's just too much fun. here is my newest app: Suzy Dress Up

Cool Apps on my iPhone

Here's a list of the cool apps I currently have on my iPhone. Along with what it is, and how I rate it.
1.Count it Off Monitors calories and weight: 5
2.SMS: Text Messaging: n/a never used
3.Calendar: Calendar! 5 – cool syncs with iCal!
4.Photos: Photos what else 5 – cool syncs with iPhotos
5.Contacts Address book 5
6.Camera A camera – what else 5
7.YouTube can you guess 5
8.Maps GPS/Mapping system 5
9.Weather the weather 5 (Ican set several locations)
10.Clock a clock :-) 5 (I can set several locations)
11.Calculator 5
12.Notes 5
13.Settings 5
14.App Store Connect to apps 5
15.iTunes Music is at my finger tips 5
16.Safari Web Browser 5
17.Dialing Cat A kitty paw dials my numbers 4 – adorable but the interface needs some work
18.Google Earth Images right down to the street 5
19.Eureka Wiki for iPhones 5
20.Calories Shows BMI 5
21.Urbanspoon Slot like machine restaurant locator 3 – fun but not I don't like the interface
22.AroundMe Restaurant/coffee shop . . . . 5 – Locator of what's around
23.Nutrition check calories for starbucks and .. . 5
24.FoodIQ Calories in restaurants etc 4
25.Little chef Measurement converstion 5 – too cool
26.Units Distance, computer measurement conversion 5
27.Translator Translate between language 5 - works
28.Stocks 4
29.Kitten Jump GAME- kitten jumps from cloud to cloud 5
30.Trace GAME – tracing a path 5 – LOVE it
31.Easy mail Mail in landscape mode 3 – not fond of how I activate it
32.The Secret Garden Book n/a
33.MiniPiano piano 4 -fun sound – small keys . . .
34.Bejeweled GAME 5
35.TictacTouch GAME 3
36.CometBuster GAME - Blasting comets 4
37.Amazing Maze GAME – moving balls through a maze 4 – Needs different mazes
38.Checkers GAME 5- Still haven't beat it
39.MazeFinger GAME 2 – not much point other than cool effects
40.JellyCar GAME 3? haven't played it much.
41.KittenEscape GAME – puzzle 4 – stuck on level 8
42.Solitaire GAME 4 -lots of choices
43.FS5 Hockey GAME 5 – can even play with 2 people
44.Driving Test Quiz 5 – Answer laws about driving
45.Hangman GAME 5
46.Enigma GAME 3 – Haven't played it much
47.MakingAFace GAME - make funny faces 5 – will make you laugh, see the more 'serious one here'

48.GalaxyImpact GAME 2 – might remove
49.iBowl GAME 2 amusing but might remove
50.Fuzzle GAME 4
51.Shazam Hold it up to a song, learn artist/title 5 – isn't this brilliant
52.Mail My gmail at my finger tips 5
53.Phone Standard contacts etc 5
54.iPod All my music, on my iPhone 5

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great Tools for your blog or website.

Tia over at Fantasy Debut has offered some great points on tools for writers and bloggers. (While you're at it, check out Tia's writing blog.)

Like Google Analytics to monitor traffic to your site. She does an excellent job explaining it so I won't repeat it.

Be sure to read the comments because Mulluane of Dragons Heroes and Wizards also provided some great suggestions.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Name your favorites:

Your favorite sound(s): Mine is the sound of my cats purring, my husband or Ankitha laughing.

Your favorite site(s): Blinking array of christmas lights, Ankitha smiling, or nature (blue skies, with green fields/trees and lush blue lakes/rivers/oceans and many colorful flowers/trees/shrubs.

Your favorite smell(s): Honeysuckle outside in its element, scented flowers, and I'm afraid I love the smell of gasline, although I avoid sniffing it.

Your favorite toy(s): My iPhone - hands down!