Thursday, December 24, 2009

Avatar !!

WOW - this is a must see fantastic movie to watch.
I loved it. It was well done, well acted, engaging.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Now on to YoVille -oh dear!

I foolishly started with YoVille, I kept telling myself, stop, don't go further, told myself I would check out other peoples places. Well, I got sucked in. Didn't realize at first that it is actually interactive!
I naturally took the name: Lady Lisa (not sure I would have picked that if I realized that everyone would see it, but I've kept it)
Here I am in my front with my pet kitty -I named him Precious

This is my kitchen, that cappucino machine actually provides energy to my character -which is needed to keep her going.

My bathroom

My bedroom.
Some people have really fantastic places!
If you're on YoVille - look me up (available on myspace too from what I hear) if you're not, you might NOT want to give it a try else you'll be hooked.
The really sucky thing is many of the best items require the 'yocash' and there is NO way to earn the cash. The cat was one of those items. I just HAD to have a cat, once I did that . . .
I've a bunch of buddies -fun chatting with others.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Update! Farming Fun!

My farm haa grown -here is the latest.

What fun! Have you played FarmVille before - It's a nice 'no stress' sort of game.
Easy way to unwind.
Here is what my farm looks like now: Click on it for a larger view.

What do you do to unwind?

Here is a photo before I harvest a few items:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've found my calling - woo hoo

Like true writers who love it so much, they write regardless, well I've found my calling.
Writing iPhone apps, oh I am having SUCH fun learning!
To the right is my 'Hello World' sort of app (Hello World is a sort of computer term meaning when I piece of hardware/code first comes online."
The app to the write is actually the second one I wrote, the first was me following along with the first class demo of how to write an app that had a slider in it.
This exercise here, (the first class assignments was way more fun.)

The snapshot here was taken as it was running on the iPhone Simulator. I haven't learned yet how to install them on my phone and I decided not to go ahead and figure that out because before I would load this on my phone, I would need to change the app icon to be something more cool than an ugly white generic one!

Oh happy days . . .
I also bought a new MacBook Pro to learn my iPhone App progamming. It has a built in camera and a mouse pad that has some of the same touch features as the iPhone. I'm in tech heaven.
Now I just need to be employed to pay for all of it!

Have you found your passion - that thing you love to do, and will do regardless whether or not you can earn money from it?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh the thrills of civilization

My husband and I visited his sister who lives about 20 miles west of London a few weekends back.
We went along to watch one of her boys play in a high school (private) rugby match. Afterwards the school supplied tea & coffee along with finger sandwiches and baked goods.
Here I am enjoying my treats on the lawn. I was quite happy.

When I asked if there would be snacks, my husband's sister looked at me and replied that there would be tea and that implied that there would be treats. How wonderful.

Somewhere along the way Americans dropped some of the best practices when we broke away from British rule!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Nothing in my house is safe from my destructo kitties. To them, everything has the potential for being a toy. From the salt shakers and pens on the tables to the silk flower arrangement that USED to sit on my coffee and dining room tables.
I had moved all the silk flower arrangements to the sun room (closed off room most of the time) leaving this one arrangement on the dining room table. I had a vibration alarm on the table, still, Bruiser managed to circumvent it and pull out flowers. I turned up the sensitivity and he STILL managed to pull out flowers. (I would put them back as he would bring them to us so we could throw them and he could play fetch)
So one day I decide to allow him to have a flower or two - think that would end his obsession with the flowers.

Noo . . . he kept going back for more.
I didn't take a photo of the near complete destruction of the arrangement but there were only a few flowers around the parameter left.

This arrangement is now sitting on top of the china hutch.

Today they knocked one of the potted plants - fortunately it didn't break.
It's on a plant shelf, but an easy jump for most of my kitties (Scarlett wouldn't jump that high, she's a little round)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's party time.

Party time in Ohio for my sister's 50th Birthday. Here is my husband and myself showing off our dance moves - ok, the only moves we could remember out of all those dance lessons that we had!

My brother-in-law surprised my sister with a band that played 'island music' which was the theme of her party.

That is, Vicki didn't really want to advertise it was her birthday, but we had to make sure her day was properly noticed! Without her knowing, we told everyone it was her birthday and, rather requested guest bring food for a food pantry. I was pleased at the number of people who complied!

I live in a different state from my family, so I really enjoy my visits.
Do you live near your family? Do you find yourself terribly homesick?
Happy 50th to my sister!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun on Skates in Boston


SkateBoston 2009 - I only attended the Sunday skate and I've been kicking myself for not getting my butt out earlier - sigh - maybe I'll remember next year and be more motivated.

It was a gorgeous day as a skate leader - Jun - led us through the streets of Boston/Cambridge. After the skate we had lunch in the park.

The stranger below took the shot above and shots from at least 7 other cameras - How cool is that!! Wish I asked his name, but at least I took a photo of this kind man! THANK YOU - to him.

SkateBoston is a weekend skating event hosted by the Inline Club of Boston. Skaters from all over the country attend. Gracious sponsor offer items for the goody bags, or for raffle! Rollerblade has ALWAYS been a strong supporter of skating events! They make the best inline skates! Other supports: Zephyr Adventures (fun vacations on skates, bikes, or in the water), Road ID (way cool - id's to attach to laces - I have an ID on my skates, Centre Ski and Bike (they sell skates too!), The Great EsSkate - charity skate weekend in Miami!, Boston Derby Dames, and finally The Skate Farm.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The best thing that can happen to a writer! WOO HOOO

Super Exciting news for fellow blogger and the author of Grim Light! Kristophrenia has signed with an agent, the reputable Stringer Literary Agency.
This is most exciting and much deserved news for Kris!
I commented on my beta read of Grim Light back in March - I loved it!
Grim Light is original, fun and grabs the senses.
A HUGE WOO HOOO -clap clap clap - to Kris.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Writing - a new love - with straight forward rules.

I've been reading a good book about writing - one where the rules don't change for special conditions and follow a logical pattern.
Ahhh . . . the world of reason - I've been teaching myself Java.

How lovely it is to feed my brain. I feel like I'm waking up!

What do you find dazzles you and makes you want to charge ahead for me?

Monday, June 29, 2009

A storm is coming

While on holiday in North Myrtle Beach we had a lovely view of an approaching storm from our 10th floor room over looking the ocean.
It was just lovely.

Although it rained every now and then, it was always while we were resting inside having wine and snacks.

We stayed at the Seaside Inn and we found this fantastic place to walk to (along the beach) for dinner every night: Molly Darcy's. Fortunately they had an outdoor deck and we were able to enjoy the ocean view without the smoke as S. Carolina doesn't have the modern no smoking laws like Massachusetts!

Check out the sand hotdog - the artist colored it. It looked so real.

The day we left it was pushing over 90 degrees with unbearable humidity!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching up while keeping it real

Been getting behind blogging and I expect I'll continue on that trend between my obsession with the Warrior series by Erin Hunter - I'm currently reading Firestar's Quest, I've already read all six of the original series, and all six of The New Prophecies, along with: Secrets of the Clans, and Cats of the Clan (my 'Warrior Bibles'). I have waiting all six of the next Warrior set: Power of Three.

I've been making my rounds on my blogs, saw that Tia is working on new novels (well new for me). Kristophrenia is working on a query for Grim Light. I hope that goes well. I feel badly that I didn't share her same enthusiasm for her query, but I'm doing no favors if I don't voice my concerns. Read Wolverines latest at Legion of Online Super Heroes . Bevie has been doing an excellent job maintaining the blog. Checked what Firestar (so named after thee warrior in Warriors) has been up to. He's been helping out the family. Love the kitten of the month posted on that blog! Most impressed with the amount of traffic that Fantasy Debut gets!

I jogged 4.5 miles today - woo hoo. I only averaged about 4 mph hour but I'm happy I kept myself moving (although I think I might have been able to walk it faster than I jogged it)

Now I need to invest some time on a web software tool that I want to write!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warrior cats - Loving it -

I started reading Young Adult mainly when I was doing beta reading for Kristophrenia. I loved her stories and it opened my eyes to how much I enjoy reading Young Adult. This should have been no surprised given I love watching all the kids shows!

I've been reading the Warrior Series. I'm on the 3rd: Forest and Secrets. I'm soo tickled that I have so many more to go.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happiness is?

What brings joy to your life? Here are some of my Happiness is:

  1. A purring cat
  2. Being with Family
  3. Being with Friends
  4. The laughter of a child (like the one pictured!)
  5. Having a kitty on my lap
  6. Having ALL my kitties on my lap.
  7. A delicious cup of tea
  8. A great cup of coffee
  9. Helping others
  10. A mild temperature day, the sun is shining, a slight breeze through the hair
  11. The birds tweeting
  12. The flowers blooming
  13. The scent of honeysuckle
  14. A rainy day.
  15. Sitting in my sunroom when it rains and listening to the pounding on the roof
  16. Sitting in my sunroom when it's snowing.
  17. Freshly fallen snow on bare trees
  18. XC ski just after a snow fall.
  19. Hot chocolate and marshmellows on a cold day.
  20. Sitting by the fire on a cold day.
  21. Hot tub OUTSIDE on a cold day!
  22. A good work out
  23. When my weight goes DOWN
  24. Inline Skating with a good song

That's just to name a few . . . but what about you? What brings you happiness? What makes you smile? What makes you laugh?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to Beta Read when the cat says otherwise

Typing with a cat on the lap can not be done in some cases!

I was trying type up my comments (thus far) for Bevie's A Traitor in the Midst and Amelia decided she wanted to sit on my lap. There she is, head on the laptop, the paper behind the laptop, I had to stop writing notes. On the upside, I instead continued reading! (That's Scarlett on my legs)

I was flying this past weekend so it was nice having a good story to read on the flight and made the time go by quickly.

I've gotten behind reading blogs, the latest stories at Legion of Online Super Hero's because I've been busy with volunteering, traveling, and now I'm trying to focus on finishing Bevie's story.

Tell me, what do you do when you need to get up (maybe to go to the bathroom, make dinner) and you have a kitty all comfy on your lap? Do you wait it out? Hold it as long as you can?

Little Scarlett is currently sitting on my lap, however, my husband is threatening to get up, as he is on crutches, my Scarlett is sure to run away. I've been trying to convince my husband to stay still!

I missed my kitties while I was away - but I had a lovely time with my family. My sister and I worked out together every day. I have a wonderful family and I love to spend time with them!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Good movies, good times

Just got done watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua - loved it. Have you seen any good movies lately?

Today was a productive day, after dropping my husband off at work (he can't drive due to surgery he had and his right leg is in cast) I went to the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats and played with all the kitties for 5 hours. I love playing with the kitties at the shelter.

After the shelter, I went for an 16 mile inline skate on a rail trail.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the shelter's fund raising 'Pasta Supper', where we first have pasta and meatballs for supper then they have both an auction and a silent auction. Several of my friends are going!
Do you volunteer on a regular basis - if so, where? doing what?

All this week I've been working in my yard - still more to go. Planting pansies and some shrubs.
still much more to do.

Friday, April 10, 2009

When being a loser is a good thing!

Fantastic workout!

I've have on demand Exercise TV and I came upon a shortened version of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max. I loved it so much I went online and purchased all of the Biggest Loser Series.

Having the DVDs is way better than the free version because the DVDs offer not only the warm up and cool down, but most of them offer two additional exercise sessions to increase the intensity. The idea is that every few weeks you increase the difficulty by doing more of the routines on one DVD until you're eventually doing them all.

When I say 'most', one of them offers even more. The Work Out 2 not only offers a 15 minute boot camp, but an additional choice between a men's or women's cardio and power sculpt. (I prefer the men's workout over the woman). All and all 90 minutes!

My favorite is Boot Camp, as it's quite a work out and it has decent a decent ab workout. Power Sculpt also has a good ab workout, I think even more so that Boot Camp.

Another Nice thing is that they have the contestants from previous shows doing the working outs. The one down side is that sometimes the trainers are a bit chatty. Like when the brunette was trying to explain a move, then she moved to a different person all the while I'm waiting for her to explain the exercise and she's talking about why she's going to one person over the other.

You can turn it on to 'music only' but the video is still the same so I'd still be waiting.

The yoga one is my least favorite, but I have done the all the sessions yet.

If you're going to buy a workout DVD - buy ALL of these!

Do you have Workout DVDs that you like?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Awards for great blogs to visit and revisit -

I Love Your Blog Award!
I'm so touched! Bevie from The Great Sea presented me with an "I love Your Blog Award".

Writtenwyrdd had given the award to Bevie and explained what I feel having received the award. That it truly does make one feel wonderful to know that someone thinks enough of my jibberjabbering to have taken the time to send me an award. Not only that, but to post a link on their blog, mentioning my blog and why she loves it.

I was truly surprised and tickled to have received the reward since I have only one blog where I touch on whatever subject takes my fancy!

I'm happy to continue the tradition of passing on the award. There are some rules for the award, but these rules are great rules to follow since they spread such good cheer to the bloggers that receive them.

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

I nominate the following 7 bloggers to receive the I Love Your blog award. (Some have received this award before, however, I see no reason not to reinforce that others enjoy their blogs! )
  1. Tia's Writing Blog Tia has posted numerous helpful 'how to' entries on her blog and I think quite possibly, the person who has visited my blog for the longest period of time. She's written 2 fantastic novels that I've had the honor and pleasure of reading: Starcaster and Forging A Legend. I wait most impatiently for them to be published. I 'met' Tia at Fantasy Debut as she was kind enough to review my novella: Into This Mind. I actually started blogging at her suggestion!
  2. Cat in the Buff This is a gem of a blog, offering fun cat stories (I never tire of these), cute things that Firestar has been up to, memoriam links (that I copied on my blog) and just a fun blog to read. It might well be the blog I visit most often. (Speaking of cat stories, this morning I heard some scuffle in the bathroom, then cat crying, I went running in, no cat, but the crying continued. Amelia had actually jumped to the top of the shower door and had fallen inside the shower - she was stuck and thankfully unhurt)
  3. Kristophrenia In addition to visiting my blog, Kristophrenia also has linked to my blog. I've also had the pleasure and honor of reading two of her magnificent novels: Battle of the Hexes and Grim Light that I'm impatient to see published!
  4. A Voice in the Wind Bevie IS a voice in the wind, a voice says "I'm listening" and I care about my fellow bloggers. I love the cat of the day, and every now and then Firestar pops over and blogs.
  5. Spyscribber I don't know how she manages to keep up so many blogs, but she does. Always something kind to say. Her blog entries often give me cause to pause and ponder the questions before I answer. She's such a sweetie!
  6. Dark Parables of a Christian Sister Carole was gracious enough to blog about my book, Into This Mind, after I mailed a complimentary copy to her. I had googled myself and stumbled upon her entry - I was very touched that she took the time to mention my novella. She covers a diverse topic of issues that she cares about and isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has not only been supportive of my writing - when I was writing - but she's taken quite a number of writers under her wing. It's also fun and colorful!
  7. FairyHedgeHog I started visiting her blog because she has a cat, Rufus, who I heard about at Cat in the Buff, and then I kept visting her blog to play with the hamster she had - I could feed it, play with it, it was just so amusing, I finally had to fetch my own copy. She was kind enough to provide links and pointers. After visiting to play with the hamster, I started regularly reading her blog and found her entries to be varied and fun.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

When they're only memories

Our pets leave lasting imprints on our hearts, but around us, only memories.

Here is Precious laying on my husbands lap.

Precious wasn't originally my cat. Years ago, a different life, a different husband, Precious was my previous husband's daughter's cat. When she moved, much to my happiness, I inherited her cat.
I was quite attached to Precious, so it was a great relief!

Leibchen, the resident cat, wasn't all to pleased when Precious joined our house, and growled and became all moody, running away from me if he saw me holding Precious. But they became fast friends through out their life.

One of the cat names used in my book, Into This Mind was originally a nicknames for Precious. His nicknames were:
* Pookachoo
* Poopachoo
* Frat boy
* Baby boy (he was the youngest)
* Fat cat (started getting a bit rolly polly at one

Precious was insistent about sitting on our laps, even if there was a laptop there, we had to move it as he would paw until he had his place.

The first time I ever saw a seizure was with Precious. I grabbed the phone, wanting to call 911 before I realized that I couldn't. I was so distressed I had to dial the number 3 times. It wasn't the seizures that killed him though, although the meds might have attributed to his kidneys shutting down. Precious died November 8, 2007, he was about 15 years old.

For those people dear to us, we have all sorts of tangle items, the t-shirt they gave us or the afghan that they made for us, something that we can hold and remember and treasure. But with our furry friends, it's only the memories to sustain us.

If you have a memory of your pet posted on your blog, let me know, and I'll include it in the side bar on mine. And please, share your memories here! My way of having something tangible to remember my babies.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Grim Light lights the way to being a beta reader for all.

I've read another beta draft, this one for Kristophrenia's Grim Light. I think she's outdone herself and I enjoyed it even more than Battle of the Hexes. The concept was original and fun where death lives in cottages and reapers are just ordinary people, going to school and driving cool cars.

I couldn't put it down. I read it while I was brushing my teeth, while I waited in line for hand packed frozen yogurt (yum), while exercising, when I woke first thing in the morning and right before I went to bed.

I've been enjoying my new role as beta reader. Having laid my writing pen to rest, I'm able to provide feedback in a timely manner to those who need a beta reader. So far I've been lucky and I've loved what I've read by both Tia's (Starcaster and Forging a Legend)and Kristophrenia.
If you have a great story and want to bounce it off someone who will actually read it and provide comments, well, here I am.

Why my willingness to help? Well, I've been in that situation where friends/family will say that they'll read it, but they don't, whether it's work, family commitments, or just not their kind of story, they don't read it, and sometimes they forget all about it. Sometimes you find other writers, but their own style sometimes inferiors with their input, instead they tell you how they would write or rewrite it, rather than what they've read and how they interrupted it.

What do I get from this? Think of it as a 'game show'. In this case, I'm the audience, the beta reader, and you, the writer, is the contestant. When you win, I'll have that warm fuzzy having known I helped in some small way. I'll buy my copy (hopefully autographed) and proudly tell people that I knew you when . . .

Kristophrenia sent me this lovely little poem, Sadly the poet didn't take credit so we don't know who wrote it:
Unattributed Ode to Beta Readers

I file off the burrs and I fill in the potholes,
I beef up the verbs and make note of the plotholes.
I tighten the phrasing and cut to the bone
Killing "that", "then" and "suddenly", paired or alone.

I'll shorten the sentences, clear up the scene,
Canonize dialogue, oil the machine.
Activate verbs and cull adjectives back,
Annihilate adverbs and tighten the slack.

Make all the characters speak in my head
If their words are not right then rewrite what they've said.
The cadence important and phrase plays a part
Or canon is ruffled and readers depart.

I beta-read fanfic, I beta-read filk
I beta-read much of the worst of that ilk
I fix up your stories, I clean out the murk
So readers will want to read more of your work

It's your name as author, it's your name on show
My name isn't something your readers will know
But we both are aware that your textual grails
My fingerprints sport on their finer details.

So think of your editors, once in a while
When fans of your stories queue up for a mile
To Betas: a toast. Ladies, gents, raise your glass
To friends who make sure you don't fall on your ass.
In spite of how lucky with the beta reads I've had so far, I'm quite picky about what I like to read and very sensitive to material. The following would NOT be a good fit:
  1. Horror, bloody, violent, cruel
  2. Animals suffering, especially cats
  3. Novels with many sex scenes, even one can be tiresome for me, I might read over it - I find them boring and a distraction from the 'real' story.
  4. Racist (unless the evil character is the racist and will meet their just rewards in the end)
  5. Hateful to those different from the norm.
On a final note, if, as I read, I find I really don't care for work, I'll let you know and why. Contact me via my website, and provide your email.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Creating a Superhero

My Super Hero : Unata Gatto Dea with Titus and Twinkle

Bevie at A Voice In The Wind suggested we create superheros and create a story. FairyHedgeHog
provided a place where we could create Superheros (Bevie also has a link on her site - but it loaded too slowly for me.)

I created my superhero at HeroMachine

Unata Gatto Dea can talk to all animals, and is one with all her feline children - they answer her when she calls and she's their protector. Unata Gatto Dea can fly (land and take off inline skating), in her left hand she can hurl bolts of energy, in her right her magic wand. She also has superior hearing and excellent night vision.

Although she is not human, she finds humans amusing and relishes that they've brought Twinkle sized cats into their homes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Warriors - have you read any of them?

I've seen this series and I'm curious if any of the adult bloggesr have read any of them. Of course I'm lured to them since they pictures of cute kitties on them.

I think Amazon offers a 'look inside' so I might just check them out after I'm done with my beta reading and reading what I have on my shelf.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Editing, Revisions, Rewrites - do you enjoy it?

What is your favorite part of writing? Do relish the idea of revising, rereading and slashing away?

As I'm not one to reread stories, it was really difficult for me to reread what I wrote, to edit, look for errors. I think I might even be able say that I really hated it. I'm also quite good at reading what I and others intended to say- making it all the more difficult to spot errors.

I think it was Spy who said in a post to write because you love it and revise to be published. It was close to be a ah ha moment for me. When I first started writing stories it was usually by hand a first draft only. I can't imagine how riddled with errors it must have been!

I think for people like Bevie who has read Lord of the Rings - what did you say 10 or was it 100 times, reread wouldn't be a problem.

Actually, I think what I hate more than anything is likely 'copy editing'. It was just too difficult for me to spot errors. When Into This Mind was published, it was all on me to cover all editing so I did pay for an editor, but it really needed more!

I think it would be optimal to write the first draft, then hand it off while I move on to the next.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost is Lost

What is with Lost, is this the season of shows going downhill? Battlestar is getting more and more stupid, Desperate Housewives - well, that just sucks any more, Ugly Betty - supposed to be a comedy, has someone with cancer, and Lost is jumping all over the screw ball chart.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why do you write?

What motivates you to write fictional stories? This motivation is something I've been thinking about quite a lot at late as I've shelved all my stories and haven't written since May, (aside from poetry that is.)

When I wrote Into This Mind, I was writing sort of 'for' this friend who was interested in my story. I was super charged and psyched about writing. I had (and still have) a list of story ideas. I wasn't very fond of the editing phase, especially given I'm not one to reread stories that I like, let alone rereading the same one 10-20 times.

The time I spent on my book was nearly an obsession. Staying home, typing on beautiful sunny days, missing out on time with family and friends, I didn't do much in the way of volunteer work, it started to suffocate me.

For someone to really enjoy writing, I believe they must love it. They must love expressing their ideas on paper, and that their main goal is to release their stories. So writing is a release. Having readers is a perk, being published a bigger perk, and making a living writing some fantastic dream to be paid for doing something you'd be doing regardless. And that's it, I believe the writing needs to be something you'd do regardless. If someone told you that you had zero chance of getting published, it wouldn't matter, you would keep writing. If they told you that NO ONE would ever read your stories, you'd still write.

I write poetry, close to 700 poems since I was around 12 years old. Sometimes entered a contest, but they're mainly scams . . . I write poetry to express my feelings, that is the main goal, and I mainly write when I'm sad so I cry into the paper.

I've been much happier not writing, but still, there are times, when I think of my two WIP and feel like they're quietly chirping to me. But no, I tell myself, I don't want to go down that road again. Because writing fictional stories to me NEEDS a purpose. I need that reader that wants the story, and when I open that box, then I want to be published, and I can't quiet the yearning so I dosed it and blew it completely out.

By not writing I can read, by not writing I can spend more time volunteering, time with family, friends and my cats.

So do you yearn to write, or do you yearn to be published? If the greater yearning is to be published and have a career working out of your home, writing could really be a frustrating downward spiral.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Memories: The fondest times

Leibchen, Originally named Darlin' Leibchen then I realized they really meant the same so he mostly went by Leibchen - or Leiby kitty.

He was nicknamed purr baby because he would start purring as soon as my husband or I would touch him.
Leiby was really cute with hubby. Hubby would lay long wise on the couch on his side, and Leiby would come, meow, for Hubby to make room for him and would lay down beside him.

Leibchen died while I was away, the day I left for my trip he didn't eat his meal - and he declined quickly afterwards. I was heart broken feeling that I should have been with him. I tried to convince myself he was a cat so I should, at the very least, go out and enjoy the sites, but to no avail, I was too upset, and ended up staying in the hotel milking my sorrow between exersize and wine.

Do you have poems, stories to share of your lost and beloved pets, please leave them here!
I wrote the following poem to express my sorrow and loss. And I learned, if ever my kitties are ill, and I'm traveling - STAY HOME.
He died August 8, 2005 - I was in Brussels, Belgium

One Last Time by Lisa Izzie

Copyright 2007. Written: August 15, 2005

I only want to hold him,
One last time,
On his final breath,
That moment should be mine.

I want to hold his paw,
And stroke his little head,
Oh my darling Leiby kitty,
How dare you now be dead.

Thousands miles away I was,
In your final days.
I wasn't there to hold you,
Why die when I'm away?

I could not rush to your side,
I could I only call,
Now my Darlin' Leibchen
I can hold you - not at all.

Although I knew your time was near,
Why die while I am gone?
It wasn't me by your side,
Is what I find so wrong.

Small comfort that I called in time,
The last voice you heard was mine.
I only want to hold you,
One last time.

In my hearts an emptiness
of guilt and deep sorrow,
That on the day of my voyage,
Began the end of your tomorrow.

How I wish I'd stayed behind,
to be beside my friend,
so that I could hold you,
One last time.
So that it was me,
me by your side,
the last touch you felt,
and the last kiss was mine.
I only want to hold you, Leiby one last time.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Battlestar Galactica going down down downhill

Just as well this is Battlestar's final season because it's gone so far downhill. All mush and tears.

I enjoy watching SciFi/Fantasy for cool special effects but this shows just turned into an emotional drama - bla!
I keep watching it now as I want to see HOW it finally ends.

What about movies/story lines really draws you in and keeps your attention?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Naughty little bugger


Here is Amelia just under 2 months old. She was one of 4 feral kittens rescued by the Pat Brody Shelter For Cats and adopted by me and my husband.
She's a naughty little thing, chews cardboard, (shreds it), pulls paper apart, between her and her brother Bruiser, they knock anything smaller than them off the tables and counters. She climbs in my cabinets and sits in the draws, and will use her claws to pull out anything she can. Like when I came home and found my clothing on the floor.

Here's Amelia with Tara in the background.
Amerlia is super playful and will greet us when we come home, follow us around the house demanding to be played with. She is the one most likely to come out when there are strangers in the house.
She recently started playing fetch with her mousie.
  1. AmUlya (how my friends 2 year old says her name)
  2. Naughty bugger
  3. Stripey (original name when we first brought her home - all her litter mates where black, she was stripped. It was a good fast name.
She's one of the few that will sit nearer to me. Most of the other cats like to sit closer to my feet.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Melllow cuteness - Scarlett

Scarlett - sweet and lovable.

Scarlett is one of 4 feral kittens that I fostered for the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats, although I started off adopting only 2, I had kept the other 2 foster cats for another month since the shelter didn't adopt out kittens during Christmas. Scarlett was one of the kittens that I was going to return - but I was so attached to her so I begged my husband to allow me to keep her and her brother Bruiser. Clearly he said yes!

Her Nicknames:
  1. Two Tara (as pictured here beside Tara--on the right--and Scarlett is on the left, you can see why she has that nickname. -She loves her treats.
  2. Cushy coo- because she's so soft
  3. Seal cat - that's my husband, then Nick says 'Ar Ar Ar Ar' Poor Scarlett is going to get a complex.
  4. Uh boo boo or boo boo kitty.
  5. Scar - her first name we gave her from the shelter since she had lost some of her furr at the corner of both of her eyes. It was a quick name, picked to distinguish her between her black brother and sister.

Here is little Scarlett looking out over the family room from the loft. (Tara, the crazy cat, actually jumped from the loft to the family room - twice!)
Scarlett is a sweet mild mannered kitty - who loves to eat and sleep and eat and sleep some more. Her play usually consist of moving her paw from right to left while laying on her back.

Little cushy when she was a baby. (At least I think so, it was hard to tell the black ones apart when they were babies.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wild Thing - spotlight on the 'crazy one'

Spotlight on Tara. Every few days I'll be posting photos of each of my 5 cats and providing their story.)

Tara is one of 4 litter mates that we adopted from the Pat Brody Shelter in 2007.
In the photo above she was only about 7 weeks old - if that. The shelter wasn't completely sure how old they were when they were rescued from certain death.
They all had gooped up eyes, and Tara, to this day, has scar tissue over her left eye.
Tara was the most shy from the beginning, the slowest to come out and play and the quickest to hide (and still is) at an offending time.

We started out fostering the litter with the intent to adopt 2 of them . . . we adopted all 4!

She has several nicknames:
  1. Wild Thing - because she a crazy little killer - or she would be if she ever got a hold of a mouse based on how ferociously she pounces on her toy mouses.
  2. Crazy thing - because of her odd little frighten, pet me, don't pet me, maybe pet me behavior. She'll turn her back to you, slightly arch her back, but tense and looking like she's about to run away, she'd allow us to pet her. Sometimes purring the entire time.
  3. Gentle Flower - Yes, how could she be gentle yet wild - well, gentle flower is how I referred to her because I needed to be the most gentle and quiet with her. Approaching her slowly so as not to frighten her.
  4. One White Whisker (because she had one large white whisker -that has since fallen out - I should think it will grow again at some point)
  5. Xtra- her name when we first took the foster babies in. We had given them all very quick names, when we got to her, at the time we didn't see any distinguishing marks, so she was Xtra.
  6. Tara - Her name now, because she has a sister Scarlett. (Although I don't think my husband realized that Tara was the name of the plantation and not the name of 'Scarlett's sister)

Here Tara is (in the foreground with the one white whisker) with her sister Scarlett.

She's come around quite a lot and often will come and sit on my lap. When she was a kitten, she'd sit with me IF her other litter mates were sitting with me, but she'd always be as close to my feet as possible.

Now she 'plop' down on my lap, once she's settled I can pet her freely and she purrs and rolls on her back and doesn't act all frightened.

Not sure if you can make out the scar tissue over her left eye. I've often thought that one of the reason she is the most skittish is because of her eye.

Tara is also the smallest of all her litter mates not very fond of the dry food but she does love her canned food. The way she 'begs' for it is so sweet it's nearly impossible not to give her some.
She merely looks at you, follows a bit, then returns to her food bowl. She'll approach you, not too closer and sort of arch her back and turn away. (That's also her pet me, don't pet me technique.)

Sometimes it seems like she really wants to be petted but she's scared.

Every morning, she races my husband to the bathroom so she can roll around at his feet on his clothing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Here's my Bessie, she's a fluffy one and quite the cheeky temper!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ski down, ski up - loving the snow

What a fantastic ski weekend at Bretton Woods New Hampshire. The ski condition were the best I've seen and years. And get this, they weren't that busy on Saturday. I was expecting horribly long lines and they weren't. (Not good for the ski area.) Of course down hill skiing is quite expensive. even with a discount the lift ticket was $64.

My nephew and his wife Heidi joined us on the slopes. My husband, Nick, who hurt his legn (pulled a calf muscle/sprain) in December playing squash, didn't get to ski. Isn't he a sweety.


Beautiful view on the XC Ski slopes of Bretton Woods

While chatting with my sister on the phone, I paused to take a photo of the hill I had come down - The Tunnel - A black diamond and the only time I can do black diamonds is when XC skiing!

The part of the hill that I still needed to ski - can you even tell it's a hill?