Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching up while keeping it real

Been getting behind blogging and I expect I'll continue on that trend between my obsession with the Warrior series by Erin Hunter - I'm currently reading Firestar's Quest, I've already read all six of the original series, and all six of The New Prophecies, along with: Secrets of the Clans, and Cats of the Clan (my 'Warrior Bibles'). I have waiting all six of the next Warrior set: Power of Three.

I've been making my rounds on my blogs, saw that Tia is working on new novels (well new for me). Kristophrenia is working on a query for Grim Light. I hope that goes well. I feel badly that I didn't share her same enthusiasm for her query, but I'm doing no favors if I don't voice my concerns. Read Wolverines latest at Legion of Online Super Heroes . Bevie has been doing an excellent job maintaining the blog. Checked what Firestar (so named after thee warrior in Warriors) has been up to. He's been helping out the family. Love the kitten of the month posted on that blog! Most impressed with the amount of traffic that Fantasy Debut gets!

I jogged 4.5 miles today - woo hoo. I only averaged about 4 mph hour but I'm happy I kept myself moving (although I think I might have been able to walk it faster than I jogged it)

Now I need to invest some time on a web software tool that I want to write!


fairyhedgehog said...

Hi Lisa! I wondered where you were as you haven't been around much lately. I'm glad you're OK.

I'm impressed by the jogging!

Lisa said...

I'm doing well - just busy. I'm also job hunting which takes up more time than actually working. Days all just breeze by.

Tia Nevitt said...

I wondered where you were as well. Welcome back and thanks for all the comments!

Bevie said...

Hi Lisa! My garage sale has kept me busy so I missed your return. Jogged four miles. That's impressive. I can't walk one mile.