Sunday, February 22, 2009

Melllow cuteness - Scarlett

Scarlett - sweet and lovable.

Scarlett is one of 4 feral kittens that I fostered for the Pat Brody Shelter for Cats, although I started off adopting only 2, I had kept the other 2 foster cats for another month since the shelter didn't adopt out kittens during Christmas. Scarlett was one of the kittens that I was going to return - but I was so attached to her so I begged my husband to allow me to keep her and her brother Bruiser. Clearly he said yes!

Her Nicknames:
  1. Two Tara (as pictured here beside Tara--on the right--and Scarlett is on the left, you can see why she has that nickname. -She loves her treats.
  2. Cushy coo- because she's so soft
  3. Seal cat - that's my husband, then Nick says 'Ar Ar Ar Ar' Poor Scarlett is going to get a complex.
  4. Uh boo boo or boo boo kitty.
  5. Scar - her first name we gave her from the shelter since she had lost some of her furr at the corner of both of her eyes. It was a quick name, picked to distinguish her between her black brother and sister.

Here is little Scarlett looking out over the family room from the loft. (Tara, the crazy cat, actually jumped from the loft to the family room - twice!)
Scarlett is a sweet mild mannered kitty - who loves to eat and sleep and eat and sleep some more. Her play usually consist of moving her paw from right to left while laying on her back.

Little cushy when she was a baby. (At least I think so, it was hard to tell the black ones apart when they were babies.)


Tia Nevitt said...

I bet that kitty is absolutely invisible in the house at night. We used to have a white kitty, and I would sometimes mistake moonbeams for the cat when walking through the house at night without my glasses. Just to be safe, I stepped over anything pale. With my little tabby, I couldn't see her at all. So I shuffled.

Did you change your profile recently? I don't remember anything about poems before. Would you consider posting some of your poetry?

Lisa said...

A fair amount of light is in my house so I see pretty well. But I suppose, even still, I probably am very slow to put my foot down! (Recall from Into This Mind that Jena had to be careful walking down the steps due to all the kitties under foot.)
I might have changed my profile, can't remember.
I do plan to post a couple of my poems when I add an entry for my cats, Precious and Leibchen.

I have a few of my poems on my website I'm also planning on posting more of them on my website. I really need to do some work on my website.

Although I have written close to 700 poems, I lost one of my books a number of years ago, I only had copies of a few of the poems, so I probably lost about 10-20. It was quite upsetting! I believe I threw out the poem book with the stack of newspapers.

Most of my poetry is sad as I most often wrote to release anguish.
When I first posted some on my website my sister questioned having sad poems up there, so . . . I labeled it. That was my solution.

How is query world going?

I had a wonderful day today, Rhea allowed me to hold her AND she smiled at me. Rhea is my friends 5 month year old daughter. Her 26 month year old daughter, Ankitha, adores me :-)