Friday, April 10, 2009

When being a loser is a good thing!

Fantastic workout!

I've have on demand Exercise TV and I came upon a shortened version of the Biggest Loser Cardio Max. I loved it so much I went online and purchased all of the Biggest Loser Series.

Having the DVDs is way better than the free version because the DVDs offer not only the warm up and cool down, but most of them offer two additional exercise sessions to increase the intensity. The idea is that every few weeks you increase the difficulty by doing more of the routines on one DVD until you're eventually doing them all.

When I say 'most', one of them offers even more. The Work Out 2 not only offers a 15 minute boot camp, but an additional choice between a men's or women's cardio and power sculpt. (I prefer the men's workout over the woman). All and all 90 minutes!

My favorite is Boot Camp, as it's quite a work out and it has decent a decent ab workout. Power Sculpt also has a good ab workout, I think even more so that Boot Camp.

Another Nice thing is that they have the contestants from previous shows doing the working outs. The one down side is that sometimes the trainers are a bit chatty. Like when the brunette was trying to explain a move, then she moved to a different person all the while I'm waiting for her to explain the exercise and she's talking about why she's going to one person over the other.

You can turn it on to 'music only' but the video is still the same so I'd still be waiting.

The yoga one is my least favorite, but I have done the all the sessions yet.

If you're going to buy a workout DVD - buy ALL of these!

Do you have Workout DVDs that you like?


Bevie said...

I have a DVD that came with my treadmill, but I don't watch it while walking. It's all I can do to stay on the thing as it is. I don't do it right, I know. Suppose to do it "hands free", but I need to hang onto those grab bars or I'll fall off.

Spy Scribbler said...

I need to get working out again. I've got a problem foot, at the moment. Trying to get it to work right, I guess.

I'm going to Netflix these, though!

Bevie said...

Happy Easter, Lisa. Hope it's a great day for you.

Lisa said...

Bevie -What is the DVD about - is about how to use the treadmill? How fast do you have the settings? I hope you had a happy easter too - we had several friends over - it was nice.

spy - I hope you sort out your foot problem soon- you can do upper body and abs though - and actually some leg work if you're sitting down :-)
let me know if you get any of the DVDs and what you think of them.
(speaking of which, I really need to get moving this m orning -way behind on the day)

Carole McDonnell said...

I still don't watch my tae-bo. The only exercise tape I ever used was "Sweating to the oldies."

Lisa said...

Do you like the sweating to the oldies video?