Sunday, March 8, 2009

Memories: The fondest times

Leibchen, Originally named Darlin' Leibchen then I realized they really meant the same so he mostly went by Leibchen - or Leiby kitty.

He was nicknamed purr baby because he would start purring as soon as my husband or I would touch him.
Leiby was really cute with hubby. Hubby would lay long wise on the couch on his side, and Leiby would come, meow, for Hubby to make room for him and would lay down beside him.

Leibchen died while I was away, the day I left for my trip he didn't eat his meal - and he declined quickly afterwards. I was heart broken feeling that I should have been with him. I tried to convince myself he was a cat so I should, at the very least, go out and enjoy the sites, but to no avail, I was too upset, and ended up staying in the hotel milking my sorrow between exersize and wine.

Do you have poems, stories to share of your lost and beloved pets, please leave them here!
I wrote the following poem to express my sorrow and loss. And I learned, if ever my kitties are ill, and I'm traveling - STAY HOME.
He died August 8, 2005 - I was in Brussels, Belgium

One Last Time by Lisa Izzie

Copyright 2007. Written: August 15, 2005

I only want to hold him,
One last time,
On his final breath,
That moment should be mine.

I want to hold his paw,
And stroke his little head,
Oh my darling Leiby kitty,
How dare you now be dead.

Thousands miles away I was,
In your final days.
I wasn't there to hold you,
Why die when I'm away?

I could not rush to your side,
I could I only call,
Now my Darlin' Leibchen
I can hold you - not at all.

Although I knew your time was near,
Why die while I am gone?
It wasn't me by your side,
Is what I find so wrong.

Small comfort that I called in time,
The last voice you heard was mine.
I only want to hold you,
One last time.

In my hearts an emptiness
of guilt and deep sorrow,
That on the day of my voyage,
Began the end of your tomorrow.

How I wish I'd stayed behind,
to be beside my friend,
so that I could hold you,
One last time.
So that it was me,
me by your side,
the last touch you felt,
and the last kiss was mine.
I only want to hold you, Leiby one last time.


Bevie said...

I just love his Charlie Chan moustache. You would think that, as a writer, I would have written poems to my beloved cats and dogs who are gone. But I never did. The only one I ever wrote a poem for was my Daddy. And I gave that to someone else.

Liebschen was the name I gave my horse. Nobody liked her but me. I wonder what happened to her.

Lisa said...

I much prefer Charlie Chan over Hitler, which is what several other used to call him.

He was a sweet mellow cat, although he didn't much care for the addition of Bessie into the house.

Why didn't anyone else like your horse?

Bevie said...

Liebschen was half quarter horse and half percheron. Regarding confirmation, she inherited the worse from both breeds.

I think my sister-in-law, who picked her out for me, was embarrassed because she assured me Liebschen would pass 16 hands. (She didn't.) Also, I was about the only one who could handle Liebschen. She ate more than the other horses, too.

But I liked her.