Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Warriors - have you read any of them?

I've seen this series and I'm curious if any of the adult bloggesr have read any of them. Of course I'm lured to them since they pictures of cute kitties on them.

I think Amazon offers a 'look inside' so I might just check them out after I'm done with my beta reading and reading what I have on my shelf.


Bevie said...

I own the first twelve books. Have read the first ten.

They're good books, but by the tenth they've become kind of samey.

The first six books actually make up a single story, with each book containing a sub-plot. The same is true for the second six.

The author, Erin Hunter, is actually a pseudonym for the two women who write the series. I think there is a third now.

The premise is that there are four cat clans in the forest who are struggling to survive in the wild, although human settlements are encroaching upon them. Some of it gets a bit silly, but mostly it's good stuff.

Lisa said...

Gosh, I was reading an sample from the book and I was hooked when I read rather than 'he said' but 'he meowed' oh so cute. I suspect they'll be purring and rolling about too . . . sounds like my kind of book.

After I'm done with my Beta readings!
I finally finished the one book I started on Sunday now I can start on Grim Light woo hoo. I'm excited, I read the first few pages and was hooked. I hope it continues like this.

Tia Nevitt said...

Have you read the mystery series about the crime-solving kitty? I can get the title from my other "cat lady" friend if you are interested.

Lisa said...

A crime solving kitty - oh that sounds like something I'd like.
It isn't called 'Orange is Marmalade" is it, sort of heard about that but didn't think the cat was central.

Spy Scribbler said...

I've never read, but to the read the comments... I'm intrigued! Maybe I can download a sample to my Kindle! I'm a sucker for kitties!

Lisa said...

Let me know if you do download any of the Warrior series on your kindle. Like to know what you think.
Have you ever taken your kindle on an airplane - what do you do for reading during the time takeoff/landing times that you're not allowed to have it on?