Sunday, May 3, 2009

How to Beta Read when the cat says otherwise

Typing with a cat on the lap can not be done in some cases!

I was trying type up my comments (thus far) for Bevie's A Traitor in the Midst and Amelia decided she wanted to sit on my lap. There she is, head on the laptop, the paper behind the laptop, I had to stop writing notes. On the upside, I instead continued reading! (That's Scarlett on my legs)

I was flying this past weekend so it was nice having a good story to read on the flight and made the time go by quickly.

I've gotten behind reading blogs, the latest stories at Legion of Online Super Hero's because I've been busy with volunteering, traveling, and now I'm trying to focus on finishing Bevie's story.

Tell me, what do you do when you need to get up (maybe to go to the bathroom, make dinner) and you have a kitty all comfy on your lap? Do you wait it out? Hold it as long as you can?

Little Scarlett is currently sitting on my lap, however, my husband is threatening to get up, as he is on crutches, my Scarlett is sure to run away. I've been trying to convince my husband to stay still!

I missed my kitties while I was away - but I had a lovely time with my family. My sister and I worked out together every day. I have a wonderful family and I love to spend time with them!


Tia Nevitt said...

Oooh! Your little tabby looks JUST like my little tabby who had renal failure last year.

I used to wait as long as possible, because Breenie would not be happy AT ALL when I made her get up.

When she was really spry, she would just pop right back up where she was again!

She used to love to fight with my pen/pencil when I wrote/drew on the table. It was a hoot!

Lisa said...

If I thought that Amelia would have came right back to my lap, I'd be quicker about getting up. Tonight it was my husband who wanted to get up - his crutches scare my babies. I was begging him to move :-)

I didn't know that you drew - have you ever posted photos of what you draw on your blog?

Bevie said...

That's a typical cat, all right.

Inevitably I do have to get up sometimes, which is really too bad because Firestar isn't much of a lap cat. The best you can hope for is that he'll lay beside you. And once you move, he goes away and stays away.

I always apologize to him when I have to move.

Lisa said...

I feel for you Bevie. I'm quite naughty and I try to lure my babies over with treats. I break them into smaller pieces

Bevie said...

I try to lure Firestar back, too. He just sits and stares at me with suspicion.

Carole McDonnell said...

I, too, have gotten behind on blogging. Trying to get back in the swing. But I so love those kitties. -C

Lisa said...

Hi Carol - thanks for visiting. I know that you've been working in CT!
Yup. Love the kitties

Leigh Russell said...

Hi Lisa. I came here via the legion of superheroes and looking at your photos, and reading your blog, I have to say you are exactly how I pictured a real superhero would be. I knew the superman-pants-outside-trousers thing was just a disguise.

Lisa said...

Thanks for visiting Leigh. I did have fun when I created Unata Gatto Dea. I hope you join us on the blog!
Why is amazon holding off offering your book after its actual release?