Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Nothing in my house is safe from my destructo kitties. To them, everything has the potential for being a toy. From the salt shakers and pens on the tables to the silk flower arrangement that USED to sit on my coffee and dining room tables.
I had moved all the silk flower arrangements to the sun room (closed off room most of the time) leaving this one arrangement on the dining room table. I had a vibration alarm on the table, still, Bruiser managed to circumvent it and pull out flowers. I turned up the sensitivity and he STILL managed to pull out flowers. (I would put them back as he would bring them to us so we could throw them and he could play fetch)
So one day I decide to allow him to have a flower or two - think that would end his obsession with the flowers.

Noo . . . he kept going back for more.
I didn't take a photo of the near complete destruction of the arrangement but there were only a few flowers around the parameter left.

This arrangement is now sitting on top of the china hutch.

Today they knocked one of the potted plants - fortunately it didn't break.
It's on a plant shelf, but an easy jump for most of my kitties (Scarlett wouldn't jump that high, she's a little round)


fairyhedgehog said...

With us it's tattered carpets. If Bonnie is outside our bedroom or the bathroom and wants to get in she tries to burrow through the carpet. It's looking very ragged (and it was new).

Lisa said...

Nick (husband) had accidentally locked two of the babies in one of the spare room (they darted in when he opened the door) and the little brats had dug out a good chunk of carpeting)
At least they kept it to one area.
naughty little buggers

Spy Scribbler said...

Oh that's funny! My stepbrother's family used to make snide remarks about how we don't have cat toys but have four cats. What they don't understand is that they have cat toys, but are rarely interested in them. They much prefer to knock over cups and rip down curtains!

Lisa said...

Oh look at you -you're using your name and not - spy.
My babies have tons of toys also - they do like their toys, they shred them!

Tia Nevitt said...

We started feeding the cat next door. The owner is partially moved out, but the cat is still there. We're not sure yet if she is abandoned, but we put some cat food and water out just in case. Our back porch is part of her stomping grounds, so she should find it.

I hope the owner does the right thing and at least tries to find a home for the kitty. But that task may fall to us.