Saturday, May 24, 2008

Preditors & Editors NEEDS You!!

Preditor & Editors needs our help! Please donate to their legal fund as they are being sued!

This site is most invaluable for writers to get the inside scoop on publisher or agent.
It adds up so don't be afraid to donate just $5 or $10 -whatever you can manage.

I feel like if we don't help to bail out those who run Preditors & Editors it's like turning our back on them!

Please! Spread the word! Post a link to their site on your site!


Carole McDonnell said...

oh my!!!! Some disgruntled person no doubt!

The link didn't work. Am wondering why not. -C

Lisa said...

I fixed it. Although I cut and pasted the URL, I had two 'http', that's what broke it. I should have checked it after posting -thanks for pointing it out!