Thursday, May 1, 2008

Magic Lost, Trouble Found- my thoughts

I just finished reading Lisa Shearin's Magic Lost, Trouble Found. I enjoyed the story line as it had quite a bit of action in it. She creates a different world with common fantasy characters (goblins and sorcerers) but in MLTF, the goblins can be sexy and have costumed balls!

It would be awesome movie, and I for one, would be waiting in line at the cinema to see it.

As I'm often guilty of reading over text as I get bored and impatient rather easily--rare is it the case I don't. I found some parts a bit too chatty for my taste and I wasn't super fond of the voice used. It's first person the characteris often making wise cracks. I've little doubt that I would be a minority on this and I can well see that many others would find it quite charming.

Her sequel Armed and Magical was just released on the April 29! The Barnes and Noble that hosted her book launch party is offering signed copies with NO shipping but you need to follow the instructions Lisa on her blog. She'll even personalize them.

Lisa also asked that you purchase the book from Barnes and Noble. If enough readers purchase from B&N, she can get on the bestseller list!

She also seems like a geniune sweetheart of a lady. She not only autographed the copy of MLTF that I won, but she personalized it just for me. (The fact that she has 2 cats probably helps too . . . !)

I think Lisa is going places so you'd be wise to get your autographed copy and visit Lisa's blog before she's too big and famous and doesn't have time for us.

Seriously! I might have been impatient reading it, but that doesn't alter it's a great story and will be a fantastic movie.

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