Sunday, November 4, 2007

Advice on Blogging

Thanks to Tia at:
She doesn't even know me and was kind enough to offer advice on blogging!
Her blog website has links to many different interesting authors and reviews.


Anonymous said...

I'll give you a bit of advice (which you may take or leave, of course ;-)).

Start leaving blog posts on other writer's blogs, agent blogs, and editor blogs. Fantasy is your genre, so try to seek out those blogs who read fantasy (and are only interested in reading).

For an example of an agent blog:

That's agent Kristin Nelson's blog.

For an editor's blog:

This is a wickedly fun blog to participate in.

Why do that? Because other writers are curious as to what's out there. After all, they're readers, too (or should be!).

And, too, people who mostly read fantasy are extremely willing to give debut authors a go. I've already read 2 debuts this year, and will starting in on another one soon. :-) I'm not an exception!

Just make sure when you're on a Blogger blog that you've logged into your own account, which will leave your Blogger profile automatically on the post. On other blogs (LiveJournal, TypePad), just type in the name of your blog, using the http stuff on your post under your name (at least, that's what I do, as you'll see below; I'm just too lazy to log into my account ::heh::).

BTW, is your book available in any regular bookstores? Or should I take a gander at Amazon?


Lisa said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for the advice. I will certainly look into other blogs. It's quite a lot of fun really!

My publisher hasn't released my book to broad distribution as of yet. They call it 'Early release'.

I do enjoy other genres (reading and writing).

I'd be happy to send you a copy of my book if you like. I always value other opinions. I've been working on the series but it was put on hold due to my ill cat and some other issues. I don't have a publisher lined up for the next in the series.
Other order info can be found on my website: