Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maeve Binchy's novel - drowning a cat

I've been reading Maeve Binchy's novel, Glass Lake, I rather like her stories, although I find she DOES go on and on a bit so I tend to read over and read ahead quite a lot.

I just read a section where they drowned a cat and I found it VERY disturbing and I'm contemplating throwing out this book. At the very least, I won't waste any more money on her. I'm glad that I bought this book at a second hand store.

She tried to write the scene like the little animal was struggling, almost drowning, so the idea was to hold the kitten under to put the kitten out of its misery. Either in this book, or another one she referred to one of the sick expressions, I think it was the 'swing a cat' one.

It's disturbing as her novels usually have a tranquil sort of easy read and this was most upseting for me, especially me.
I don't think drowning an animal is a humane way to put it out of its misery. Fiction or not, I loath to see such cruelty written as being humane!
I'm off to find her website and complain.


Carole McDonnell said...

I read a Maeve Binchy book a few years back. Not a circle of friends. Another one. Maybe the Beech tree? Or something like that in the title. I liked the way she interwove the stories. I don't like the animal cruelty bit though. If I had seen it in any of her books, I wouldn't have bought another one. I hope she redeems herself by showing that that was what people and those characters did and not what she approves of. Maybe by the end she will. -C

Lisa said...

That's what was upsetting, it was written as if they were putting the kitten out of its misery.
Sister Madeliene is a loved character, everyone respects her, she takes in all the strays.
I read 'Water for Elephants' LOVED IT
and there were disturbing scenes about animal abuse, and it was written AS abuse (the abuser eventually dies - lovely moment that was) but this scene of Maeve's upset me because loved characters were behaving like it was an act of kindness.