Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Newron Skate update

I used the Newron Skates on Sunday - I skated a total of 16 miles on a trail.
They really aren't skates meant for distance skating. Even their website compares them to ice skates, and it does say they are good for skating distances. I found them to be slow and hard to push off on.
The two front wheels are smaller than the two back wheels. The glide is slower too. My husband was skating with me he'd quickly and easily roll by me on his K2's.

I can see that someone who wants to dance skate, or play ice hockey might really enjoy them.
A friend is going to try them out soon and I'll be sure mention what she has to say about them.

I prefer to use a heal brake and the design of their brake, between the wheel and the chassis isn't a reliable braking system for me. Even on the trail skate, there were at least 2 occasions where I went to brake and my skate rolled out from under me as the brake didn't engage.
I know how to T stop but I'm not that fond of it.


Tia Nevitt said...

Wow; you must be in great shape!

Lisa said...

No, not really.
Too many cakes and cookies attached to my hips and thighs :-)

Moby Dick said...

interesting, I have not been skating in a while, it would be nice.

Lisa said...

Hi Spider,
Thanks for visiting - yes, it's a great deal of fun and great exersize, not to mention a fun way to socialize.

Skating clubs exist all over the US, depending on where you live, there might be one near you!

Lisa said...

I just checked, I see you're in Miami 0 there are some great clubs in Miami. Actually, the Great EsSkate http://www.skatemiami.com/ - a fantastic weekend skating adventure all for a charity takes place in Miami in February!

I've been meaning to go to it . . . some day. Not sure if it is taking place in 2009, but I know Miami has a skating club.

GGI said...

What did your friend think of these skates?

Lisa said...

She found them odd to stand on and didn't skate on them.