Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Dollhouse- The Garfield

I built this dollhouse from a kit nearly 9 years ago. We recently moved it to our basement and some of it was damaged because we had to force it through the doorway, and we had to cut some of it off. For some odd reason I didn't think to save the piece we cut off.

All the art work in this dollhouse are miniaturized photos of actual paintings by artist Diann Izzie. All the photos of people are from my family.

I put up a fence all around my dollhouse because my cats were playing in it. As it happened, the fence didn't help.

First instruction in the kit:
1. Don't Panic.
2. Second stated the measurements of the dollhouse and to make sure it would fit through the doorway. The size of this dollhouse forced me to leave it in my dining room for 8 years. When we finished our basement, I wasted no time moving it, although it was damaged in the process.

If I ever built another dollhouse it would have to have pre-cut pieces and not the punched out die-cut in the Garfield. I wish I had known better then because I don't see myself investing another 1/2 year of my life hanging around indoors, building a dollhouse!

I've made many purchases for my dollhouse from I've always been happy with their service and merchandise.


Tia Nevitt said...

WOW! I'm speechless!

That is beautiful! I hope it's not trapped in the basement now, because you really ought to enter that in a craft show.

I hope you were able to repair it, somehow!

Suzanne Dargie said...

That is a VERY elaborate dollhouse! Mine seems so empty compared to yours. Of course, mine only has 5 rooms!
I know what you mean about cats and dollhouses...they just LOVE the little cozy hiding places. Unfortunately, they knock everything over in the process! I noticed there are plenty of tiny cats already in there. I had one in mine, but my daughter decided it should belong to her.
Thanks for posting the photos!

Lisa said...

tia - My husband and I joke that if we sell our house, the dollhouse is part of the deal!
I haven't repaired it. Really kicking myself for throwing the piece we sawed off away - what was I thinking!

Suzanne - I have over furnished it, I had fun and didn't use too much restraint. I added the tv and the pool table within the past weeks.

I'm impressed you noticed the cats. In my dollhouse there is NO limit to the number of cats allowed. I think there are 9 cats, one is a mother with kittens. If you count the kittens, even more

Not only do the little furry brats knock everything over, they take things from the dollhouse. My Sister made these cute pillows and they're forever running off with them. That in the flower arrangements.

Your dollhouse looks pretty large to me. The rooms must be big and it looks like you kept the same theme through out. Me, I decorated each room to my hearts desire.

Suzanne Dargie said...

Yeah, I'm pretty "anal" that way....keeping to a theme. They say it's a trait of being a Virgo.
That's funny what you said about the cats running off with tiny pillows! My ex-cat loves to bat my son's Lego pieces all over the house! By the way, I posted pictures of my OTHER house today.

Carole McDonnell said...

oh my gosh!!!!! Woman!!!!!! I love it. I have a friend who makes dolls. I always wonder about this kind of thing but I'm beginning to think they are just so creative and maternal and in touch with one's femininity. Not analyzing you or anything...but it's a sweet lovely hobby and to work on it would be definitely spending one's time meditating on loveliness and nostalgia. Very very beautiful. -C

Lisa said...

Hi Carole, I've always loved miniatures. I was in Chicago once and I saw a miniature of the Whitehouse! That was something.