Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wind Follower - a must read!

I've started reading Carole Mcdonnell's Wind Follower and I love it!

Driving home from work there was heavy traffic on the freeway, but I remembered that I had Carole's book so I whipped it out and read it each time I stopped. Made the wait go so much more quickly.

Carole's created an entire world of people, languages, traditions and naming conventions.

There's quite alot to remember while reading but a bit of thinking never hurt us!

I must get back to reading! Need to see how Satha's pre-wedding party goes!


Suzanne Dargie said...

I know this isn't related to your book review, but in regards to dollhouses. I believe the kit was the "Victoriana" by "Real Good Toys". It was discontinued, which is why I got it at a half decent price. The "Garfield" is made by "Greenleaf", right? Where you have to punch all the die-cut pieces out of the thin, mahogany plywood? I built a few of their smaller kits, but I found dealing with the pre-cut "Real Good Toys" stuff SO much easier. If I recall correctly, the Garfield is pretty big! You HAVE to post pictures of it!
I live in Toronto, and there are a few dollhouse stores around that I used to go to. One was owned by an elderly lady who retired and closed it down. I was pretty bummed out about that, but there's a big shop called "The Little Dollhouse Company" which I believe has a website, that I have visited also.
When I lived in Arizona for a year, (working at Fox Studios on "Anastasia") I frequented a shop in Scottsdale called "The Dollhouse". I find I prefer to shop in person other than over the internet, because I want to see the REAL thing before I buy it.

Lisa said...

Yes, the Garfield is large and a pain the butt moving to different rooms. I was so eager to get it out of my dining room and into my mostly finished basement that we ended up damaging it some.

I would NOT buy a punch out die-cut again. I didn't realize when I bought it what 'die-cut' meant.
When I saw the Princess Anne I was all for buying that but my husband said to wait till I finished the first one. By the time I was finally done with the Garfield, I didn't want to build another. Then there is the fact the amount of space it takes!

I'll take some pictures in the next few days and post them on my blog.

I've been mostly happy with the pieces that I bought from Customer service is pretty good, and I've found them to have reasonable prices.

Funny- the first 2 instructions for my dollhouse:
1. Don't Panic
2. It stated the measurements of the dollhouse and cautioned to make sure it could be moved out of the room it was being built in.
Most internal doorways are NOT big enough for the dollhouse, but if there is open space on either side of the door it can be 'turned' into the room.

My dollhouse has working lights, does yours?

I read about one guy who either was, or was looking into real plumbing.

Blogs need a way to allow guest to create 'new entries' on other peoples blogs!

Thanks for visiting.

Tia Nevitt said...

I will be interested to see how your future posts go on Carole's book!

Lisa said...

Tia - have you read it before?
I'm well over half way into and I'm still loving it.