Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What books would you publish or represent?

Tia posted a thoughtful question on her writing blog (see blogroll on the right) questioning if it were up to you, of the books you read, which would you elect to represent if you were an agent. And add a step, publish if you were a publisher.

It's difficult when you're in the throws of admiring your own story to try to look at it the way a stranger might. Not just a stranger, but someone who will be investing their time and money for you. Seems an obvious thing to think about it, but yet I never really put myself in their seat.

I ordered Carol's McDonnell's book last night. I get such a kick out of some of her posts I decided that I must read her book, Wind Follower! I'm waiting for it to arrive.


Carole McDonnell said...

I hope you like WF.

Books I'd like to publish. Tpyes of books: Christian books that are not overwhelmingly cookie-cutter. Cutting-edge Christian speculative fiction. Folkloric speculative fiction. Multicultural fiction with characters from all kinds of ethnic groups. Sweet inter-racial and inter-cultural and inter-ethnic romances-C

Lisa said...

I'd be surprised if I don't enjoy WF!