Monday, April 14, 2008


Someone with user name Kazilar left a hyperlink on my blog to a ajrsc dot com which appears to be a virus. DO NOT CLICK On this. Please warn everyone NOT to click on anything from kazilar. I'm trying to jump through the hoops to request that blogger remove this person from their system.

PLEASE warn people and do NOT make the link a hyper link, do NOT click or go to the link.


Vinícius said...

Hi! Beautiful cats! You're right! There's somebody doing it but they can use any profiles. Today (04/14) somebody put that link on my blog, I didn't click but that people should be taken off this place. Thanks for your attention!

Lisa said...

Hi Vini - You're right, once people know to avoid this user name, another will pop up! Now I'm even leary of visiting profiles! I'm really kicking myself in the butt for this one!
I should have known better. For example, when I cursor over your blog in your profile I can see it is a hyperlink to blogspot. The spammer's link was not to a URL in blogspot. Another clue was that the message was generic. That was the first time I'd seen a blogger give such a generic comment, again, I SHOULD have known better. I think I was so eager to help the Foster Kids that I just plowed ahead hopeful that the Please see was helpful information.

Yup, the foster kids are pretty cute, hopefully the mother will come around and allow me to pet her and the babies!

Lisa said...

I heard from Blogger: Report Blogger abuse
I also heard the link actually download software that they want you to buy, Instructions to remove the software

Eden said...

This individual (or individuals?) keeps posting comments on my blog, too. But every few days they change their identity. I've had to start moderating my comments to protect myself. It's very uncool.

Anyway, any message you get that looks fishy is probably from them. Beware!

Lisa said...

Hi Eden, thanks for posting on my blog!
Love your avatar.
This guy is annoying, do complain to blogger so we can keep removing them from our blogs. I set up word verification, that should slow them!

Laurie said...

This just happened to me tonight. I suspected something fishy so I googled the url for the website and you blog came up. Thanks for the warning.

Lisa said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for visiting my blog. Please report blogging abuses to blogger! See link above and on my blogger home. Granted, they'll change their name, but we'll keep having them removed!

Sorry to read about your medical condition. Good luck to you and selling your jewelry!