Friday, May 16, 2008

Crit Group!

I'm so excited, I've joined an online Crit Group. I was, at first, nervous about how to process information from so many sources, but what I found was that the payback in having so many suggestions from other writers was that each person often picked out something different, or asked a question that helped me realized that I wasn't making the point that I thought I was.
It's also reading the future bestsellers!

Being involved with the Crit Group has helped me to stay connected to my own writing.
I always thought it would be a time draw and I'd find that I wouldn't have time to write. yes, it does take time, but it serves to be a motivator. I've been charged and ready to write all week!


Anonymous said...

Crit groups are amazing! I did find it sucked up my time, but it was pleasant time that I would have otherwise spent procrastinating. :p It's great having a group of supportive around too!

Lisa said...

Hi Ellira, thanks for visiting again!
You say 'sucked up' does that mean that you aren't part of one anymore?
I haven't been able to read all the post in the Crit groups.
So I read a few pieces and a few useful tidbit posts, then drop a few.

Carole McDonnell said...

The best thing to do is to remember your work comes first. Always be writing, no matter what. Sometimes one spends a lot of time critting ...everything that is posted to be critted. So it's a balance. And if you find the balance, it really works. -C