Friday, May 2, 2008

Shelving Into This Mind - next in the series

I have many different book ideas, one of them has been gnawing at me to write it more so than others. I found myself wanting to hurry and finish Into This Mind: Talia, so I could commence writing the Flower Wars (although it has nothing to do with the someone having the last name flower and fighting (ie, War of the Roses) and nothing sweet and pedal like about it. It's more dark and sullen. I might change the name)
I finally decided it was time to shelf Into This Mind: Talia and start something new.

Maybe by doing that I'll be able to kick start my motivation. It's been low to nearly non existent at late, even worse, I've been trying desperately to convince myself to give up writing which has been like trying to put out a fire that's started on a field with batches of dry kindling. I stomp out one, and two more start up.

On a separate note, I hired someone to come out to my house for spring yard clean up, edge, weed, mulch, and pull out 2 dead plants and replace them.

Back to Flower Wars, right now I'm writing more about the plot and characters.


Carole McDonnell said...

Oh my!!! I know the feeling of shelving something. I've shelved some other things for the nonce. I know you'll get back to it at the right time. -C

Lisa said...

maybe - who knows . . . but I'm really motivated for the Flower Wars!
I'm feeling charged and excited.

Tia Nevitt said...

Oooh, you gotta jump on that idea that charges and motivates you! "Shelve" is a good verb to use. You're just putting it aside for a while.

I've trunked (a word I use because I won't ever pick it up again) a novel that I worked on for 12 years. But I think I already told you that story.

Best of luck with Flower Wars! (Working titles are a good idea, anyway.)