Monday, March 2, 2009

Naughty little bugger


Here is Amelia just under 2 months old. She was one of 4 feral kittens rescued by the Pat Brody Shelter For Cats and adopted by me and my husband.
She's a naughty little thing, chews cardboard, (shreds it), pulls paper apart, between her and her brother Bruiser, they knock anything smaller than them off the tables and counters. She climbs in my cabinets and sits in the draws, and will use her claws to pull out anything she can. Like when I came home and found my clothing on the floor.

Here's Amelia with Tara in the background.
Amerlia is super playful and will greet us when we come home, follow us around the house demanding to be played with. She is the one most likely to come out when there are strangers in the house.
She recently started playing fetch with her mousie.
  1. AmUlya (how my friends 2 year old says her name)
  2. Naughty bugger
  3. Stripey (original name when we first brought her home - all her litter mates where black, she was stripped. It was a good fast name.
She's one of the few that will sit nearer to me. Most of the other cats like to sit closer to my feet.


Bevie said...

Naughty Bugger. I like that one, but I expect Amelia suits her best. Let's see. It means "hard-working". Well, maybe not.

She's a cutie, though.

Lisa said...

She is hard playing - does that count?
My husband picked Amelia since she is a little explorer
I have to hide my used Qtips in a container in a draw as she digs them out of the trash or the draw
She's really sweet and really naughty

Spy Scribbler said...

Aw, man, she is the CUTEST! I want another kitten so much, but I have four. I can't have another. :-(

Lisa said...

At five cats, I've been cut off from having more cats also.
she's is a cutie.
Spy - what are your kitties names?